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Cars you didn't know existed until very recently.

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3 hours ago, Mr_Bo11ox said:

I remember an article on those in Filby's 'Alternative Cars' magazine. Even the 12 yr-old Bo11ox could see that it was an absolute pile of shite! 

Aye, but seeing it in person really really drove home how shonky it was. Also just how ridiculously long it was, too.

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To be fair, there were three and the blue one is the prototype - which is why there is a double hit of shonk



The two -ahem- 'production' cars had a fitted out interior with Volvo bits instead to make it lush.


The silver one (#3) lives on today and remains with Bob Henderson at Lochgilphead




Douvrin V6 in this.  That's a 1990s interior refit though?

A751 KSB was last on the road 1993

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The other one (#2) is in red, registered DVC 315T and was also fitted with a PRV and Renault 30 transaxle.  However it was registered as a Lancia...  which makes me think #2 did also get the Lancia twin cam as was muted as an option

It was the Motor September 1984 cover car.


Image result for argyll turbo gt

It also survives


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I think there were in fact two red ones.

Black painted bumpers one without the black accents, never registered


Gold painted bumpers one looking like it has had a grille fitted to its arse, registered, as above


So that makes 4 then.  It appears even ex-employees are confused too.

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2 minutes ago, FakeConcern said:

I've just seen this on Volvo forum, never seen one in real life or even heard of it. Honda S660, looks like a cross between an S600 & an FN2R, I rather like it!

Said it made 90bhp...


Like the background in this...






Honda said the market isn't big enough for the UK...

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6 hours ago, somewhatfoolish said:

Are there any of these even left in Oz, waiting to unearthed from the back of a shearing shed?

Plenty of Mitsubishi Sigmas left in Australia, Lonsdale badges ones on the other hand were UK market only. That being said, I believe there is one in the Birdwood National Motor Museum who have the Mitsubishi Motors Australia heritage collection (Donated when Mitsubishi shut down its Australian operations).

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