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Cars you didn't know existed until very recently.

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9 hours ago, martc said:

Saw one of these for the first time today, near Beverley. An unfortunately bulbous looking confection. A FIAT Doblo pick-up.


I saw one of these yesterday in Kenilworth - it was a tree surgeon’s and had a cage over the bed. It looked bloody ridiculous.

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New one on me: the AQC Jetway 707.


One of those hilariously proportioned Airport Limousines that were once popular in the US (from an era before air travel became a form of purgatorial ordeal), this one was based on the front-wheel-drive Oldsmobile Toronado, keeping a flat floor with no need for an elongated propshaft.


Baggage in the back, lucky jet-age travellers up front, all pulled along by a 7.5 litre Rocket V8 . What a monster.

Unbelievably, an online search seems to imply that there's at least one in the UK. That'll be good craic at a mini-roundabout, hey?


With around 150 of the buggers built, surely this is the ultimate wagon for 15 shiters to rock up at Cannock auctions...


As an aside, I also didn't know that a few Toronados (GM's mid-price big coupé to rival the Thunderbird, while remaining cheaper than a Cadillac) were converted to four-door sedans.


Pretty damn slick for 1967, when the best we could manage over here was the Vauxhall Cresta PC....

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On 8/13/2019 at 7:51 PM, Supernaut said:

I thought it looked like a very obvious rip-off, but didn't realise it was actually based on an S class!

Based on a mix and match E-Class and S-Class components. Available with basically the AMG 3.6 Inline 6 until 2014! It's very much like owning a W124 made entirely of cheap aftermarket parts.

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On 13 August 2019 at 1:49 PM, angle said:

Its actually a W124 Mercedes underneath. Here's one what I spotted earlier this year:


I was in Kuwait a couple of years ago and the hotel I was staying at had one of these as a Courtesy airport car, on our last day I booked a car for the morning and specifically requested the .Chairman. Alas we were taken to the airport in a brand new LWB 7 Series, the driver thought I was joking when I asked about the dusty Ssangyong.

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We've all heard of the Mk1 Cortina but I've never seen one with this front end before. A bit like the Consul grille and with facelift sidelights/indicators; also and possibly crucially, LHD.


Google has brought up only two photos of the Australian-built model with the same design (known as Jail-Bar) however the bonnet badging is different; did the Aussies build any left-hookers?

AAA badge is American Auto Association I believe but I haven't managed to dig up any photos of US market Mk1s. Nor Canadian for that matter.

Your helps would be appreciated in confirming or refuting my North American theory.

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I think that might be the front end of the 'Standard' (i.e. base/fleet spec) version of the Consul Cortina - it didn't have the chrome grille fitted to the Deluxe/Super versions...


The one in your pic looks to have the later (1964 on) indicators, like so...



Although these two are Aussie spec (with the 'CORTINA' badging on the leading edge of the bonnet, just as MorrisItalSLX says), I'd say the LHD infers either European or (possibly) US spec.


Ford UK built LHD versions of the Consul Cortina for the continent, where it sold in limited numbers alongside the similarly sized but FWD Ford Taunus 12M P4 built by Ford Germany (and later in Belgium).

The Taunus P4 suffered a number of well-publicised teething problems, so it's possible that European Ford dealers kept a stock of the more conventionally engineered UK-built Cortinas with which to supply fleet customers who demanded reliability.

Confusingly, the Taunus had originally been designed in the USA as the Ford Cardinal, intended as a homegrown compact economy car to challenge the VW Beetle, but Ford US got cold feet and offloaded the design on the Germans, opting to import Cortinas instead through their English Ford Line Operations (EFLO) branch, which also brought over 100E and 105E Anglias. However, they remained fairly niche, with EFLO's best sales year being 1968 with just over 22,000 Mk2 Cortinas sold.

The introduction of the Ford Pinto in 1971 ended the sales of UK-built Fords in the US (though European-built Capri and Fiesta models were made to US spec and, later, Sierras and Granadas under the somewhat unsuccessful Merkur sub-brand).

However, I believe most of the US market Mk1s were fairly highly spec'd and/or sports (GT- and Lotus for 1966) models, in keeping with the luxury standards expected by customers across the pond. I can't find any pics of a Mk1 in Standard trim shown in US advertising (although a 'standard saloon' priced at $1,755 is mentioned as the entry-level model in the range)



Any pics of US-spec Mk1s also seem to show them fitted with bumper overriders, which may have been a federal safety requirement at the time for smaller cars like these - anyone know?

So I don't think this front end treatment has any particular geographic meaning, sadly, though is still a very interesting find nonetheless, because bASe.

I'm also wondering whether the AAA badge on REP66D might be a red herring? What's the story behind the pic?

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REP66D was built in 1966 but only registered in 2015, which is not surprising for left hand drive. 

Certainly a base "fleet" model, which makes it a real rarity as they seem to have been an even slower seller than the similarly chromless Anglia base. 

Apparently there was a fleet version of the Corsair too, but I don't even know what that looked like. 

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7 hours ago, Datsuncog said:

I'm also wondering whether the AAA badge on REP66D might be a red herring? What's the story behind the pic?

I took this photo last Saturday at the Capel Classic Car & Bike Show in a part of Surrey that's actually leafy.

Yeah, that Triple-A badge.... it's gonna bug me.

So many folding chairs at this show and yet the owner I specifically wanted to buttonhole was making a great job of being invisible.


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8 hours ago, MiniMort said:

Aye they were built in several Eastern Bloc countries when they became capitalist. This one would’ve been built in the former Oltcit factory who’s name had changed to Rodae Automotive. 

Ah, that might explain why I found a model of one only last week in a model shop dump bin...


Various former Eastern Bloc models scattered through that little lot, including Ladas and Dacias: looks like that's one from the same range. Totally new one on me.

Imagine driving one of those all the way from Romania, only for someone to come along and bust the window...

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