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got meself a fraud crapi


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Any ideas what that beige Riva went for?

Results are usually in by Wednesday.


I bid on the Tasmin (once the one eyed shouty auctioneer saw me) but it went for 3k.

The Silvia was a Cat C with rough paintwork to the damaged areas.I bid to £750 on that.

The XR3i needed the bonnet and roof painting as the previous paint had bloomed.There was no water in the header-tank either.My grand bid was way off the mark as it sold for £1400.

The lovely two door Range Rover went for £7k

I was there to look over the two white Royces for a mate but one was too rough and the other made over two grand above the estimate.

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I think that was a good buy Mr P, a car is only original once.


Pleased to see that you stayed away from that white 3.0 Ghia - very dubious history on that one.. yes it also looked like stevie wonder had fitted the front wings

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