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Proven? I'd like to see the stats for this - very interested indeed.


DRL are yet another poorly thought out and executed idea to solve a problem of incorrect or poor vehicle operation. God forbid we should train people to operate a motor-car properly. it's a privilege accorded to 'you' if you prove competence in driving and control of a motorised vehicle. Not a 'right'.

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Common here, though only recently have the VERY BRIGHT BLUISH LIGHT ones with LED's have started to creep in on European tat.


There's a fairly wide range of styles here, the norm is just to have the dipped headlights on, with nothing else.

Then you have the older variant where the main beam lights are on using a resistor to make them a bit dimmer.

Indicator lights on all the time, orange.

Separate 21W white light also.

God-awful ULTRA-BRIGHT LED ones.


One slightly amusing one is where some Japanese cars come across and have flank-mounted side repeaters for the indicators, those are on with the lights and blink with the indicators.


Partly comes down to the Federal requirement of an amber light and reflector at the front of the vehicle and a red light and reflector at the rear that can be seen with the vehicle side-on.


Personally I like either the dipped headlights or the indicators lit. Not dazzling but bright enough to make out a vehicle that has the sun behind it that's hiding in a shadow. Sensible. That and most cars here now built after about 1995 have automatic headlights so Mister Complete Plank doesn't have to remember to switch the things on.

I can disable the DRL's on my truck- by default they are on with each drive cycle, but dialing the lights to the momentary-sprung O from AUTO cycles the DRL's on or off. It's not a legality to have them, merely a suggestion.


Mind you, headlight aim here isn't really something people care about...




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DRL's have been mandatory in the US since '96. My Slonoma had an idiot light on the dash to remind you the DRL's were on. Since that was the first year for them, they just used the existing headliamps at 90% brightness. It's quite a good idea, especially in rainy weather--oncoming traffic is easier to see. Of course it's also good for the headlight-bulb lobby, which obviously wanted to see more frequent replacements. Many moderns require an hour or two of disassembly to replace the $odding things. Coincidentally, I'm sure.*

Also coincidentally*, it's the law in CA that if your wipers are on, your headlights must be on...social engineering (buyamodern...buy a modern...BUY A MODERN, ON TIME, DUDE!) much anyone? I'd love to ask a cop if that law also applies at night... :huh:

I, too have seen not a few people with only their DRL's on at night. I just give 'em as wide a berth as possible. GM changed DRL's a bit in the 2000's...due to complaints? They fitted smaller DRL lamps to front grilles which may have helped folks realize they needed to put their lights on. It also may have extended the life of the headlamps too, for some odd reason.

I hated the DRL's on my Slonoma...I was using it for deliveries, and after I had to replace the battery, I found that if I simply bodged the parking brake switch so the idiot light would come on, the DRL's were disabled. Of course pulling the relay would have taken out the headlamps, so fair play, that one. It put a lot less strain on my battery and was easily reversible when I sold the truck.

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My T2, despite being six feet tall and orange, appears to have a cloaking device that renders it completely invisible to other road users, lights on or off.

I am still unable to find the switch/relay/fuse whatever to disable it and am obliged to put up with folk pulling out in front of me in all situations.

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I still fail to see how having more lights is a bad thing. I don't think they add to people driving around without lights on, if they're dumb enough to do that they'll do it regardless. My experience of having a few cars now with them is that they don't actually illuminate the road - they're too high up, and the beam isn't formed correctly (or at all). They're marker lights so I really can't see people are getting in their car, seeing a massive pool of light in front of them, and thinking it's OK to just drive like that. You only really see them if you park up to a wall, and even then you can clearly see it's just a line of light. 


As for them being a replacement for fog lamps, perhaps car makers have just realised that fog lamps served no practical purpose (supposedly meant to illuminate the verge directly in front of the car - so no use at speed, or in cities with street lighting and kerbs, or on multi-lane roads) apart from as a range identifier. "Oh, he's only got the LX - look, blanking plates in the bumper! Loser" 

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Oh dear what have I started here? I have no problem with day time lights I just think they should operate on the rear lights too, like Panhard 65 said above I saw someone join the motorway from the slip road, plough straight across to lane 3 and wondered why someone shunted him up the arse in the pitch black. Motorways have switched off most lights at night now we are in a recession, I was flashing him to turn on his lights because you could just not see him and actually illuminated him enough to be seen once by a car coming up lane 3, in the driving rain and wind along the side of a lorry.

Side lights are better than no lights on the rear.

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