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2002 52 plate Renault Megane


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Me Laddo's 2002 52 plate Renault Megane 1.6 Expression is up for sale as he has given up work to get a degree in English using the open university Course,

11 months mot with no advisories, in metallic silver four door hatch flavour with steel wheels (2 wheel trims come free). 

Just look around you to see what they look like for now as photo's will come later when He takes some.

Has a radio with mp3 slot thingy if you really need one.

65.700 miles and clean and tidy. Wants £800 or near offer as he wants to take a motor bike lesson and so he can save up and get a 125cc riding machine. Me laddo's 23 so not been boy racered, infact he spends more time in mine cos we used to work together so Daddios petrol bill is betterer. These things are good on juice, I easily get 43 around town, 48ish on a slow motorway journey.


Any questions just pm me. fanx for looking.

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