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Bad Obsession Motorsport - Binky


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Well I somehow only found out about this a couple of weeks ago, and Sunday morning thought I'll sit down and watch the first one.

Many Many Many hours later, I had watched the entire series much to the annoyance of the wife as I'd basically sat on my arse all day and not done a thing.


For anyone who was like me and does not know about the channel, It's a couple of blokes from a motorsport workshop who are trying to fit the mechanical's from a Celica Turbo 4WD into a BL Mini.


Half of me wishes I'd found out about it next year as they only seem to release a vid every month, so could then watch it through to the end. (The first vid was released in 2013, and they have not even started the engine yet)


For a mechanical luddite like me its amazing to see how they sort out the obvious issues, but its interspersed with a lot of laugh out loud humour. A lot from Police Squad, including the tall man with something in his mouth gag reworked (If you have seen the vids, you will know what I mean, but don't want to spoil it for anyone who has not watched)


Did have a search on here to see if it was referenced anywhere with no success and didn't post in the You Tube thread as its not just a one off interesting video. As its a series, thought it deserved its own thread. (Mods feel free to move if you desire)



If anyone like me was also unaware, its a really good /interesting watch. You just might want to stagger yourself though, otherwise you will lose a day :)


Flip front goes up, Flip front goes down, flip front goes up, flip front goes down.



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Want this merging with that thread GG? Sounds like you would have posted there if you'd have found it.


(Pro tip - sometimes going on Google and searching for "site:autoshite.com thingtosearchfor" is far, far better than the forum search. Sadly we can't do much about that, it's just how it is)

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There was at one point an MG SV not far from Trigger's gaff, I am surprised about that, though, I think Rich and Nik will have their work cut out finding stuff like glass for it, it will involve lots of funk and fabrication montages. oh and copious levels of tea drinking! hashtagbracketceptionv2

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A friend of mine painted a couple of these some years back. IIRC the bloke who owned them and many other bits died though. I've messaged him to see if he knows where any of the bits ended up. The supercharged one he had in that he painted red sounded absolutely fucking immense!


Have heard back from my mate. Apparently when Will Riley died his son was planning to take over the business but he suspects he sold it and sadly doesn't know where any of the bits ended up.

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