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Cheapest postage for a plastic A4 bumper


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Yesterday I started playing around with my new car and found out the front bumper had been badly repaired in the past as most of the clips are broken and the fog light is held in with wood screws and it has some very dodgy looking wiring.


Going by the history it's a very old repair from about 2005 but now I've noticed it I need to repair lt properly lol.


The good news is I found a bumper at the other end of the country with the fogs built as it would be easier just to change the whole thing so I need to get the new bumper picked up by a courier service and delivered to my home address (from Doncaster to Bexhill)


I just wondered if anyone knows of a good cheap company as I know if I use Royal Snail it will most probably get stamped on and cost me about £50 in the process..

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I have looked into posting bumpers and royal fail aren't interested as it is too big. I didn't check parcel force though as they are very expensive. Parcel to go and hermes won't take it either due to sieze or on one website they are on the prohibited item list. Give shiply a try just in case there is a driver on the route that will do it for a good price.

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I've just been online and put it 8kilo weight and the rough dimensions of the bumper and yodel seem to be coming up the cheapest at £7.93 plus vat. :)


I will up the weight though just to play safe.


I will most probably get everything 100% on the car and then get bored with it then sell it on for a loss as usual lol

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