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New posh shite at Trig towers


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So, I've been spending some time on this, I honestly love it so far, it's just such a nice car to drive.


As I said in the News24 thread, I've now serviced it and changed the stereo, today I changed the thermostat and finished cleaning it, it's look well smart now!.


This part of the current fleet, the Acclaim is still here until Thursday hopefully but Hannah used it for work today and the Focus is away having it's broken LCD repaired whilst i have a spare car.


















It has started to develop a rattling sound this afternoon which it hasn't done before which goes up as you rev, It sounds more like a loose component rather than something serious inside the engine. I'm going to me car meet in it tonight and one of the lads there is a mechanic for Mercedes so i might see what he thinks.




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Needs one more thing though, to be 'perfect'... ;) ;)

A set of those are on my radar as I hate the current plates, I'm not sure how good they are though? A friend works for the local Mercedes dealers and I've asked him to find me a price for set of proper "Ipswich Mercedes" plates for it, apparently their's are metal too.

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I would buy it with pleasure... but I NEED to move to somewhere I can park. At the mo' even parking the one car is touch and go as it's all 'on road' shit round here and every bugger seems to park in this road instead of their own... why? No idea.


Still intend to get my Bentley at some point as well, a nice little collection of gas guzzling monsters will restore my street cred after buying a hybrid!

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Cheers, I'm still chuffed with it, I've done about 700 miles so far without any problems, it just glides along smoothly and quietly taking it all in its stride.


On the downside I've found that it needs welding around one of the rear jacking points which is a common fault and the heater valve is leaking water so I've got to pick a new one up this afternoon from ECP, it's only £13.80 so it's cheap enough. I also think there's a problem with the fuel gauge as it seems to go down rather quickly too...

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