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Some nice old 1970s & 1980s showroom pics...

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Just stumbled across these on t'internet, courtesy of an article back in Feb by the Torquay Herald & Express (link below):




Some great mixes of marques being sold from the same site, back in the days before Corporate Identity was king.


Note the "Renault" dealership is actually a Daf dealership :-D


And, just because I like 1980s Vauxhalls, a bonus from my own "collection":




Did I mention I like '80s Subarus, too?




Anyone got any more?

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I've never thought of myself as a 'Vauxhall Man' but looking at that picture I'm getting misty eyed about velourtastic CDi Carltons and 120 mph mk2 GTE Astras.

I've never driven a Manta GTE but always fancied one ,the first car I drove after passing my test was my dad's Ascona 2.0 SR Auto so a GTE was a teenage dream.

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A bit later but here's a couple of Peugeot dealers, Normans Conquest Slough and Grange Uxbridge, when I worked there in the early nineties.  Some interesting machinery in front of Grange, we were off to a classic car show that morning - the 204 Cabrio was mine.





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