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new ride sierra shitpphire


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hello guys just got this off a mate  2.3 derv ( mavis ) runs mint but wouldn't shake off the kops  as its more of a slow boat to china  but never been welded or painted as far as I can see  tax and tested   just need to sort some insurance   ( wheres best place to try)  cheers



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Try Adrian Flux

I had my Audi Cabriolet insured with them for £130 a year on a classic car policy,,,

That reminds me I better cancel the insurance today..


You really. are an autoshite winner driving that beauty the only downer I can see with her is she isn't beige, but I do like those hubcaps and a N/A 80s Diesel is the real engine of choice on here...

Looking at the Reg I think you should call her Mavis lol

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