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Cheap £150 pound banger wanted , no mot or tax necessary


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I can't believe you need to ask here when eBay is, like, omnipresent.


Also, I don't quite understand how your budget is only £150. If you have your own field and seven other cars you clearly have more than £150 and if money really is that tight, surely you can save up for a while?


I really don't understand.

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Some might ask why waste the money at all... try asking at some scrapyards, some have a holding pen of stuff they've bought but hasn't been processed as scrap, that's how I got the orange Princess that I chopped up for parts.  If the price of scrap is still pretty low, you might be able to get a bit of a bargain for £150 as the yard might still be making a profit from you while freeing up space to put something else in.

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    • By eddyramrod
      This is a Wanted thread, but having no money I'm offering a swop.  Key for key, no cash involved.
      I want a Bedford CF.  It's over 30 years since my first one and I think well past time I repeated the experience.  Steel front rather than the later plastic grille; VX slant-four petrol engine rather than the Opel type, and absolutely NO DIESELS; preferably a plain van body rather than a camper or truck.  Oh and it needs to be legal and running fairly reliably.  Not like I'm asking for much!
      If the van comes from further than about 150 miles from me I would very much appreciate being able to meet at some suitable common point to do the handover.  Motorway service areas or supermarkets with integrated cafes would be ideal.
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