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Eye-catching black and whites


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On 29/03/2024 at 09:27, lesapandre said:



Imp, g-red, trilby and roof-rack in an x-reg world...


Y-Reg, according to the Escort in the left of the photo, so August 1982 at the earliest.  Probably later than that, judging by the woman's coat in the background.  Hillman Imp's G-Reg is from August 1968-July 1969.

Trilby Man is the greatest hero in this photo!  Looking at his steely determination behind the wheel, I suspect he's a WWII veteran who singlehandedly captured an entire German regiment!  He arose every morning at the crack of dawn and shaved with a bayonet he took from a dead Wehrmacht officer he killed on the beach at Normandy.  There is a village in France that still celebrates the day when he alone, separated from his fellow soldiers in the fog of battle, strode into their village and and sent the enemy fleeing in terror, liberating them from German occupation.  Trilby man is not a slave to fashion.  He will drive his trusty, faithful Imp for as long as is necessary (and as long as the MOT inspector will allow).  I salute you, Trilby Man!  

The second greatest hero in this photo is whoever is driving that Volvo 164 in the background.


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On 01/04/2024 at 01:29, High Jetter said:

I would, to be the hunter! :)

It's a Minx actually (Hunters generally had square headlights). 


Interestingly the Minx made it until 1983, the 'tina isn't listed so probably didn't make it to the computerisation of the system in 1975.

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