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Eye-catching black and whites


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24 minutes ago, RayMK said:

Calling @LightBulbFun

Something of possible interest near the Amazon (Volvo) in Remspoor's last post.

Screenshot 2022-11-20 at 18.34.04.png

Looks familiar I wonder if I have seen it before! 

looks like a Tippen Delta 5 or Delta 6 with glass side windows like that but 16 inch wheels still


heres a link to a higher resolution version of the Photo should anyone else wish to perv at the details of autoshite on display :) 



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15 hours ago, Metal Guru said:

I can’t really remember seeing any Mazdas in the 70s. ( I’m guessing that photo is about 1974 given a lone MkII Capri but nothing indicating much later).

There's a P reg Mk2 Escort so it's 1975-6 at the earliest, Mazda didn't import the 1000s into the UK until 1974, even though they were a little dated style-wise by then.

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