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Eye-catching black and whites


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Remember the old road sign which read 'Slow Workmen Ahead'? Now replaced with 'Workforce Ahead, Slow'. No doubt this followed complaints. Lorries don't have it quite so lucky, watch out for daft DAF's -


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I kept this because I have always liked the HA Viva. Good turning circle, excellent gear change, huge boot, which was bigger that Mk1 Cortina. I had the optional (on the deluxe) servo disc brakes. Stopping power was very good.

The rust could have been worse on mine, but it did rust. The ride could have been better too. However, it was the same with contemporaries of the period, on both issues. At least it was not boy racered like Fords of the time were.

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20 hours ago, Dyslexic Viking said:

Oppdal Norway fire station with ex German vehicles


Trondheim Norway


That’s a Horch Kfz70 in the centre of the top photo. The other might be another Horch, probably a kfz 15 but the same body style was built by several manufacturers. 

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