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'Where's that oil coming from?, Dad's only had it for a day'
'Here and here and here. The whole thing is effing effed mate, much like the whole British industry, mark my words'
'You'd better take your sandals off before going inside, Mum will go ape sh*t bonkers'

How rude , surely nothing to do with ham fisted home mechanics prising engine casings , barrels with big screwdrivers , chisels etc..
Seriously ,international cooperation needed now , Triumph crankshafts cast in Spain , machined at Hinckley ,then assembly at Thailand , now some engines are shipped back from Thailand for bike assembly in Hinckley, could be due to Euro tarriffs , either way crankshaft has already done 10000miles before the engine has started

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23 hours ago, Remspoor said:


Caller 'Is that the police? Can you tell me where I can report some bad parking?'

The Feds 'Wait until the so called internet is invented, look for a beige tome with a thread (aside 'whatever that is') called 'The Parking Thread'; grass him up there and we'll be along in about 50 years'.

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On 11/23/2021 at 2:30 PM, Remspoor said:



Hello, Police?  I'd like to report something I've just seen.  A funny looking man just popped out of this police box I'm using and now he's being chased down the high street by what appear to be some self-propelled dustbins.  And the dustbins are shouting "EX-TERM-IN-ATE!"

No, I have NOT been drinking!


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21 minutes ago, lesapandre said:

Aye - it's  grim oop North London.

(Slightly off topic....) Your observation is correct! The B.B.C. have such a central London outlook that stabbings, murders etc. taking place in Camden are described as having occurred "in north London". While Camden may well have a NW1 postcode, it cannot really be described as "north"! Southgate, Enfield, Winchmore Hill, Barnet, Palmers Green (A.K.A. "Palmers Greek") etc. are "north"!  

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10 hours ago, lesapandre said:

The BBC probably  regard anything  north of the Euston Road as 'North London'...

Of course their headquarters on Portland Place is technically  in North London being North of the Thames.

Euston Arch - 1837-1962


And inside the old Euston Station before they pulled it down. 




I realise this would be totally inadequate for the number of passengers that Euston handles today, and the word accessible hadn't even been thought about, but how great would you feel arriving or departing from here. There's a bar off to the right in the second picture. How classy do you think that would that be? 

I actually like the modern Euston, I like a bit of Modernism (it's not quite Brutalist) though I've not been there for a few years and I probably wouldn't recognise it now as it's being rebuilt for HS2. But I spent a fair amount of my youth hanging around the place, both the railway side and the bus station, but it seems a shame they couldn't have kept the old great hall. Maybe they could have built the new station a little bit further north, though then the platforms would end up on Camden Bank. Either way it does seem tragic to have lost the Great Hall above. 

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