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'Mad Max' Director of Photography David Eggby was up for anything, even if it meant riding sans helmet at speeds of over 100mph through the Australian outback. Strapped to stunt driver & President of the Vigilantes, Terry Gibson, Eggby recalls almost dropping the camera as the matte box got caught in a windblast.

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...in the 1920's - Edwin developed the Pagefield System designed in conjunction with Pagefield a long forgotten lorry maker. But Edwin's were wooden boxes that were hoisted onto the lorry with chains, although functionimg like a modern day skip, did not look like them.


Shelvoke and Drewry updated the system and used the 'Freighter' to transport the boxes. The Freighter was designed to be as simple as possible so that drivers of horse drawn rubbish wagons could move over to them easily, but they were more often seen as dustbin lorries.


The system we know and love was started by George Dempster from Knoxville, Tennessee in 1935, the 'Dempster Dumpster'.


But it was in 1940 that Ernest and Wallace Brooks developed Dempsters system to the ultimate form used today, the 'Load Lugger' -


The Dempster/Brooks system didn't really start to catch on in the UK until the '60's.


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13 hours ago, lesapandre said:

Who invented the skip and skip lorry? One of those unheralded inventions that improved the way things are done immeasurably.

In all fairness, there are plenty of building firms in 2021 who still use a transit/7.5 ton tipper, a barrow and a scaffold plank for all their spoil removal solutions. The main advance these days is the high lift mini dumper/or tracked barrow, which does allow you to tip straight into a vehicle bed or skip without leaving the ground.

I did some groundworks in 2019 using my mini digger, a wheel barrow, a skip and long scaffolding plank (with me providing my own labour). The feeling of terror when you suddenly run out of momentum four foot off the ground on a 9 inch wide plank with a loaded barrow in front of you is distinctly disquieting.

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