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I have never driven one. The petrol engine went into the TR sports cars.

The diesel  -  Motor magazine tested one and recorded a top speed of 66 mph and 'acceleration' from 0–50 mph  in 31 seconds and fuel consumption of 37.5 miles per gallon. They did not sell many - I think around 1500.

The estate is quite good looking - very few survive...the 3-box saloon was hobbled by the rear  short wheebase inherited  from the original beetle-back design and consequently  looks very odd at the back.


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91-year-old Jean Grey remembers living on the site in the 1930s when her father was Custodian of the Stones. 'Dad was the Custodian of the Stones. He cut the grass and maintained the area round the huge monoliths and made sure no one damaged them...'. Above are the Custodians houses and allsorts of street furniture.

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12 hours ago, lesapandre said:

K7 Bluebird - Lake Eyre Australia - in 1964 - before taking the Land Speed Record to 403mph. Gas turbine powering all 4-wheels.


Easily the most beautiful LSR car ever. People bitched and moaned about Campbell over-promising and under-delivering but given that he did 403 in '64 and the wheel driven record is about 55mph faster 57 years later I'm not entirely sure the criticism was valid. 

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Armchair critics. Campbell is one of a select number of people who have significantly pushed at the envelope of human experience - an extrordinary man. The speed was over 400mph - but the other amazing statistics are that at that speed the car was covering a mile at 8.9 seconds and that the braking distance for Bluebird was then 6 miles - there was no engine braking effect from the gas turbine itself so the car was effectively coasting. Campbell thus had about  a minute + to bring the vehicle to a halt.

These runs were also mostly privately financed so were on a tight budget in difficult and remote terrain.

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