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Recent years have shown us that some seemingly very sound companies can - because of change - economic, technological or social allied to some poor decisions  - disappear in a few years. 

None more so than poor Rootes - winners of the Monte Carlo Rally in the 50's to gone by the 70's.

Here is their pomp.

Sir William Rootes, Brian Rootes and Geoffrey Rootes in front of their new Park Avenue showroom in New York.


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8 hours ago, lesapandre said:

Their Acton London trim factory...(one of their reasons for failure was their long supply chains eating into profits). Acton London to Linwood Scotland is a long way apart to be managed effectively.


Would not get away with the way that workforce is structured now.

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9 hours ago, lesapandre said:

RIP Rootes...you were a  distinctive household name and nicely made but unable to generate enough profits  to innovate effectively and independently survive.

We could not love a car called Super Snipe or Imp alas.


Got a couple Imps here , i love em even if no one else does 


51124673454_e21821731b_b 17.59.17.jpg

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I had one in the late 70s, my first car. EDY 667E, IIRC, a white Californian. My girlfriend had already passed her test so I got a lot of practice in that car driving to and from school (amongst other things!)

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