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28 minutes ago, artdjones said:

That's Patrick St., Cork c.1962. DKWs were assembled in a factory at Ballincollig a few miles away from 1952 - 64. About 4000 vehicles were made, and Wikipedia says that included some vans. 

Irish car industry:

In his book “Motor Makers in Ireland” (ISBN: 0 85640 264 8), John Moore says the following:

“The Government of the Irish Republic, like so many others during the years follwing the Great Depression, relied heavily on protectionist measures and policies to retain some control of its economy. The motor industry was naturally a prime example of these policies at work. One result was that many cars were imported in completely knocked down (CKD) form and assembled locally, with obvious benefit to the employment figures. It was also made almost prohibitively expensive to buy any car which was not assembled in the Republic. These policies lasted until the early Sixties, when the Government signed the Anglo-Irish Free Trade Agreement, which was aimed at giving Irish agricultural produce easier access to UK markets. Even the accession to the Common Market in 1973 did not completely remove the tariff barriers which were specially negotiated in order to protect the jobs involved, and allowed to remain until 1984.

At the height of the CKD boom there were twelve firms involved, assembling vehicles for Fiat, Ford, British Leyland, Mercedes Benz, Peugeot, Renault, Volkswagen and Toyota cars, and Heinkel bubble-cars. The only attempt to assemble CKD cars in Northern Ireland was made in the early Sixties, when the Clarence Engineering Co. Ltd of Belfast, then the Triumph agents, built Triumph Heralds.”

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Here's a couple of the Irish vans. The second one looks like it's taken inside the Ballincollig factory. About 10 years ago that building was demolished to build an Aldi, and when one of the additional sheds that had been built onto the side of it was removed the DKW signwriting was exposed.

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