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Eye-catching black and whites

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On 2/9/2020 at 5:40 AM, JeeExEll said:


It's seven minutes to two,

But what's in the box with the handle? Chocolate? Secrets? Maybe a 50p coin.

Fitted luggage? There was a bit of an obsession with it in the 50's as a luxury - along with a heater, second sun visor and fancy hubcaps.

Usually very odd shaped suitcases to fit an odd shaped boot. Ever seen in a Rover P4 boot? Looks big but shallow with a weird humped base - hmmmm....could apply to the owner too.

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Yes, that is correct.  Google Basil Green South Africa.  There have been a few similar spec cars in the UK, rally driver Jimmy McRae did some events in one a few years ago, probably not an original. It sounded fantastic.


Obvious solution to the lack of power and torque from a 1256.

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Far as I knew there's one possibly 2 gen Chevrolet can-am firenzas in the UK. One has been here since late 81-2.

Was always led to believe that GM built them.

& basil green ( as he was a ford dealer & ex racer) built the perana mk2 3.0 cortina & half dozen MK3 3.0 V6 cortina before ford put the 2.5 & 3.0 V6 into production.

As well as the 5.0V8 MK1 Capri & Granada's, he reputedly built one mk2 Granada V8 & I think one Sierra sapphire V8.

As well as some MK3 escort GTs ( cam/head & twin down draughts).

LVX  781 J was one of the MK3 GT 2drs used in a pro-celebrity race a brands hatch in 71 & race proved used it to build the first MK3 savage, it was rumoured to have been in a bad accident severely damaging the shell in the late 90"s-00's the remains where forsale at one point with an estimated then a few years back it was for sale sometimes with mention of being "rebuilt with another shell".

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