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Would like to sell my FIAT CINQUECENTO to purchase a Maestro van

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1993 Cinq, ace car but lack of power steering is a struggle and it's just sitting here not really being used.






1993 Cinquecento 900cc


*MOT July 7th*

Pretty hopelessly I forgotten when tax expires but I think it's tested until September. It's a bloody early one too, quite possibly one of the earliest left.

Drove it back from Blackpool when we got it, other than that the battery just goes flat as it's never really used, which is a shame.

It's not a bad old bus at all, engine sounds like a Talbot Horizon (skeleton/break dancing/tin roof) and it doesn't have many 'features' at all, probably all the better for it. The interior heater doesn't work, the n/s door mirror glass has broken and it's got the odd dent and scuff.

Fab little car though, sadly to be replaced by something with power steering. She wants a Punto as she's really taken by Fiats because of this little thing.

Oh, nearside CV joint quite clicky.


I never did get the V5 for the car, only new keeper's bit I think, so you'll need to apply for it or we will if you like. Would be interested in a part-ex with (limited) money your way for a small car with power steering, 1.2 or less please, ideally a Punto, maybe a Corsa.


Failing that, I think somewhere around £275  £200 firm should be a fair price for it and obviously you can come and inspect it/test drive it first to make sure you like it. Snazzy* seat covers and floor mats not included, she wants those back for the next one. 


Edited due to shorter MOT than I thought and clicky drive shaft so...


£200 can drive it away.



Just realised MOT much shorter than I thought

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I was reading somewhere that the second Inbetweeners movie is due out soon, might be worth painting it yellow with a red door (as no one has thought of that before) and sticking it outside your local Odeon with 995ono on the windscreen.

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I saw the thread title and was expecting a Maserati Biturbo or Lancia Thema.


Imagine my joy when I saw this black panther before my very eyes



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They are great wee cars. Mustard mitt I haven't seen one as early as that for a while. The earlier ones had no illumination on the heater controls and one or two other little differences as well.

Sadly had my fill if them after no 5 chomped its way through 3 clutch cable ends ( a known fault on some due to crappy routing) and wanting so much welding as to bring back memories of fiats of the '70s. They do seem to fall into two camps straight out the Polish factory: ones that are no trouble whatsoever and don't rot and others that rot for fun and are a nightmare, no middling ones. To survive this long, yours must be a good 'un.

The rattly tappets are the little hydraulic lifters in the end of the rockers. The seals go and the only option is to replace or, if you've a friendly machinist, make some solid lifters to replace them and suffer a bit of increase in tappet noise.

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In an aid to try and drum up real CA$H MONIES SALE I* have translated Jonathon 'Knobhead' King's 'Uno Paloma Blanco' into Latin:


Cum sol montis
  Et nox currere
  Suus 'a novo
  Suus 'a novo modo,
  Sol et advolare

  Et ego ad sensum matutina lux
  Ego servus tuus, et novum defalcatur fenum,
  Vocat me audire vocem Dei,
  Nam aureum per lucem caeli

  Una paloma Blanca
  Avem caeli sum
  Una paloma Blanca
  Super montes fugio
  Nemo tollit arbitrium

  Proin mihi olim Sortem
  super me, quia clausa sunt, et circumdata est torques
  Etiam mea inrumperet
  dolent tamen heu me

  Una paloma Blanca
  Avem caeli sum
  Una paloma Blanca
  Super montes fugio
  Nemo tollit arbitrium

  Una paloma Blanca
  Avem caeli sum
  Una paloma Blanca
  Super montes fugio
  Nemo tollit arbitrium




*'I' being Google translate.

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Remember this little gem. Well a deal was done and the maestro has changed hands again before I have even got around to solving some of it's issues. It drove home the 200 odd miles ok but the engine noise was deafening and by the time I got home finding 5th gear had become a right game. My girlfriends lad liked the look of it and as a first car it seemed a good idea to get it sorted. Replacement engine and gearbox sourced for 50 quid and fitted last weekend. It now runs like a knock off version of a swiss watch and is certainly a lot quieter than before. The gear selector cable was missing a bush and the bracket that holds it to the gearbox was broken, a quick tickle with the mig and we have 5 gears again. I hadn't noticed the suspension was a bit iffy until finding the n/s/f top strut mounting had siezed and the spring had come out of it's cup. It is now getting there and has been for it's mot today and nearly passed. Just a track rod end adjust the rear brakes and seal the exhaust. It has certainly been more agro than it's worth but it's still a solid little thing and great fun to drive when it's working right. Hopefully it can have a ride out to a classic car show on sunday at Clumstock. (As long as my girlfriend will drive it as I am taking the Hotchkiss for it's first show this year)

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