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Autoshite Decals - restock *pg 11* £2.50

Jim Bell

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Four Sail.

Autoshite Decals. Thats "stickers" in old money.

Medium Quality external vinyl. Will withstand prolonged mocking, and rain.

Gr5 for adorning your lap top lid, enamelled tea mug, tool box, prosthetic foot, bus shelter, expensive guitar flightcase or underpant drawer.




*please note that the 50p pictured is intended to indicate scale and is not included in the purchase price.

If you would like to pay via another method, I am happy to discuss.
Swaps, sex, real money, dares will all be considered.

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They're pretty good, would be better without such inflammatory words against Vauxhall owners, you know what they can be like.... ;)


Possibly. Its the first sentence that comes to my mind when I think of AS, and its a phrase widely used on the board, though rarely seen anywhere else, so I thought it apt.


I'm wrong, obviously.




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Agreed. One of my seniors at work drives a Vauxhall. Doubt seeing that on the rear window will lighten her mood.


Agreed as well.

Have you completely ignored the new special glte edition that is pictured directly above the post you have just made?

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as someone who firmly believes that Vauxhall haven't made a good car since 1965, I feel that I should buy these stickers.


Payment details pleas, Mr S-P? It's payday in Taff Towers, you know?

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All persons expressing interest have been contacted by PM.

For your continued convenience, and to negate further use of multiple question marks and put a stop to needless mental anguish, payment address has been added to original post.


Your custom is valued. You are a valued customer of value. Value is my middle name. Lets all value.

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  • Jim Bell changed the title to Autoshite Decals - restock *pg 11* £2.50

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