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Rare sierras


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My brother-in-law’s Dad used to have a 1.3 Sierra when they were new out, bought using his Fords discount ticket. It was apparently laughably underpowered and was eventually swapped for a Cortina Crusader that B-I-L’s uncle left when he passed away.

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Didn't have any rare ones.


Brother had a D reg 2.8 Xr4x4-D953 KBO-superb car chopped it in for a V12 XJS-even better-B20 XJS


and old man initially had a £200 Y reg 2.0 Ghia-DRF 426 Y-dire and very heavy on fuel and steering.


Old man then bought his brother in laws 2.0GLXi auto when it was 6 years old. Me and my brother still have it after 18 years-here it is below-did Stansted and back the other week - 400 miles at 38mpg-superb cruiser-quiet and comfortable.








Will keep it forever.



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My first Sierra was a D reg 1.6L (5 speed), bought for peanuts from my then girlfriend’s dad (who was the first owner). I dragged that pile of shit car, overloaded with subwoofers and amps to Poland and back. I clocked up 2,500 miles without bother, then on route back I fell asleep on the M25 twenty minutes from home and smashed up the front bumper. Amazing that I wasn’t killed.


Some time later I got a 2.0GL estate, which was bloody mint. I sold it for profit three months after buying it.


When I bought my first house I bought a 1.8L estate. That CVH engine was fucking rough. About a week after I bought it the cambelt snapped and the engine needed a couple of new valves. Once fixed, that car kept going for about a year, pretty much overloaded on every journey. I ended up selling it to a landscape gardner from central London.


Finally, about ten years ago I bought a one owner 1.8 Chasseur estate. It was mint but the carb fed engine and lack of PAS made me sell it. I replaced it with an E36 318iS - wow!


Great cars, so relaxing to drive, so comfortable. Can’t remember the last time I saw one.

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My dad had a 1600 Laser estate in that jade green shade, for years. B152 KCU. He loved that thing (but never enough to look after it...)

I remember being gutted when upon returning from a passenger trip to collect him from the pub with my mam in her mk1 Fiesta, we noticed the pepper pot style wheel trims had been nicked!


It was eventually traded in, when he bought a Mk5 B Escort, K565 WRN, IIRC.

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Only one I've had was a G plate 1.8 LX estate in red (or rather, pink). Proved ridiculously reliable, taking all sorts of abuse and never once breaking down. Finally died after I realised the MOT had run out several months prior, then told it was completely rotten underneath.

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My ex boss bought a pair of nos Sierra rs cosworth bodyshells with all panels...he sold one and built the other up but it had a twin turbo 2.9 Granada cosworth engine.


It was a bit of a weapon


We also had as a company hack a P100 with the 2.9 cosworth but non turbo.

Fitz at top boss??

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I had various Sierras.


Beige Y reg 1.6L around 1989, bought from auction and sold on. A nice enough thing.


Galaxy blue 1.6L Sapphire in 1990, E787HCK. Crap. Flat as a witches fart E Max, condensation and sticky front calipers.


Dark blue 1.6L on an A plate in 1994, had been rear ended as rear doors were 'sticky' but it went well. Rusty. Traded for an Alfasud.


Crystal green 1.6L YGY914Y in 1996. Very clean and rust free 5 speed. MOT expired and I just weighed it in.  :-(


Black D reg 2.0iS, bought for £40 in 1997. Was very rusty but went like stink and handled really well. Threw it away in the end.


Paris blue 2.0 GL, bought for £150 in 1997. Had an electronically operated carb and never ran right. Think I auctioned it.


Red E reg 1.6L Estate, facelift bought 1997 for £50 from Milton Keynes auction. Filthy dirty shed. Used it to move house, then bridged it. 




Good cars really, handled and rode so much better than the Cortina because it had proper suspension.

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Wasn't there an oddball twin turbo V6 custom that was an insane amount of cash? Had a gopping bodykit too. Briefly drove around in a G reg'd silver Sapy 1.6 'Classic', no sunroof, basic radio, clockwork everything, basically a rebadged buttery biscuit base to use up the non sunroof shells I think

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Wasn't there an oddball twin turbo V6 custom that was an insane amount of cash? Had a gopping bodykit too.


The Turbo Technics 'Minker', which was totally bonkers, and highly desirable if, like me, you were a teenaged Fast Ford reader when they were current. I wonder if any exist today?



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I've still got that copy of Max Power somewhere...



I remember that issue with the title Blue steel, GOA5W was a lovely car, then it got crashed badly into a skip truck around 2003 then rebuilt into a new shell, still goes around the show scene, last time I saw it was a couple of years ago





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