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Offensive Wreck

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I'm glad you all like* it.

Yep, it's a Justy GX 1.3 AWD, essentially a Suzuki Swift in all but badges. More later on the FWD/AWD-ness.


omg not a rover shock *faints*

Seems I've got a name for myself recently as Autoshite's resident R8 fiddler, but I have all sorts, with a particular soft spot for Jap-Crap at the mo.


A few years back I rescued another early GX from a farm, most of my pics of it were lost, but here it is last summer with the Rovers:




It turned out to be rotten beyond redemption, so the green one has been waiting... They were only made for one year (on a 'P') with the pretty late-eighties Swift styling before the 1996 facelift*. For the last five years I've had daily emails from ebay with cheap Justys, but only now has one shown up locally with front end damage for me to de-facelift.

My excuse for this one (which takes me to four cars over my maximum quota): It is for Mrs_KJ to learn to drive in. As you might imagine, she's over the moon.

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We had one of those for 5 years. not the best thing to drive but they are tough little motors and their weight distribution,skinny tyres and 4x4 makes them awesome in snow.

I was not impressed with having to take the entire engine and box out to change the clutch though, and it will only drop out from underneath.

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The first time I looked at this pic, I didn't even SEE the Phantom!







chaserracer you are right! I didnt see it either :lol:

i didnt see the rear pic of it only clocked it from the side on pic where you could see the side and roof over your cars :D ie not much of it :D

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Helmed this for two years, bought cos it was economical (well, after a 9K...) and the trader lobbed on a shit load to MOT it [he gave me the bills] to Px the SAAB.


It was driven 'carpet crush mode'... slow[er] on hills UP and frightening on hills DOWN.... loved it!! 998cc 3pots.




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No, I was unclear. The green one was in good shape, the only damage being GROT:




I'd removed the bits to make a start, but was soon overcome with disgust.




I still have the pretty bits :)




Today I dug the parts out, the wings are frillier than I remembered, but probably better for not being out in the field all this time. I'll maybe splice in the back corners (near where it meets the sills) from the silver car onto the green wings.




I thought I might keep the later back end, but seeing them together, I do prefer the earlier style.




This chap seems to agree.

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