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My Essex Spots *Updated Sun 25th Jan


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Think it belongs to the owners of the garden centre, they had another one down the side which looked like a spares car until recently.


I've been wanting a snap of that Astra GTE for years! Tried to get a photo maybe 18 months ago, and a bloke came to the front window and stared at me, so I backed off!


I know where there's a MK1 Astra GTE rotting down the side of a house as well, more over this side of town.

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Been out for a ride on my pushbike shite today, thought I would take the camera just in case I saw any shite.


Here Goes..


Scorpio with retro ford front light covers for extra shite points



This 2.0 Ghia X was a spittin distance from the above so perhaps the same owner



Probably my spot of the day



Someones off on an Autoshite holiday this easter



This looked well tidy



Been trying to pap this Cav for ages, finally found where it lived just by chance



Pride of 1986 early spec Scorpio



Old D reg MR2



This guy has had yank shite on his drive for as long as I can remember



Nice old E28



Dormobile, Grim.



Finally, this moggy which is now probably more popular now than MK1 Ford Sierra's


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I know where there's a MK1 Astra GTE rotting down the side of a house as well, more over this side of town.


@AD - I saw another old Astra GTE today, a black B reg but was behind a front garden wall so would require GR12 papping skillz without being too obvious. Its on Manners Way near Oakengrange Drive. Might pap it another day when im feeling more brave.

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Some more spots from this evenings bike shite ride


Four for the price of one here, I wouldn't be surprised of this home owners surname is 'shite'




Clean Saph 1.8 LX



I call giffer owned bluebird



About as close I could get to this without trespassing



MG anyone £1500



Mazda 323 saloon



Tired old Merc W something



Late plate 'J reg' classic Metro, looks a non mover.



This old P6 2000 was parked up on this drive about 10 years ago, has not moved since




And that's all for now...

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Few more today, just when I thought I had sniffed out all the local tat I pass this lot



Chevette HS?



This Midget looked mint



Marina Coupe



Toyota Carina (There was also an F reg gold Corolla opposite but GR12 pap skills required)



Grey Grill Cav



Gold 244 for the ovlov pervs



Tatty Toyota Corolla



This tatty Manta looked untaxed despite being parked on the road




Until next time, enjoy.

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Sum moar spots from my Manor.....First few are from last week:


Early MK3 Festa 1.1 LX with 'Go Perrys' plates and a Stop Lock 8)



Old Rangie with £££ plate



The Car in front is a Toyota



Shite Maz 121




These taken today down the local industrial estate when taking the BM for its MOT;


This P6 3500 'S' looked GR9 and was taxed to July 14



This Plymouth looked rather minty, Cant remember seeing one before tbh.



De-badged Capri, probably a Laser?



Saaaaab Nine 'undred




This evenings shite bike ride spots;


This is where the local winnerz live (judging by the wheels parked on the driveway)



Don't even know what this thing is, also a nice non scene Caddy over the back



2CV for the old Citroen pervs on here



Bentley of some sort



Early MK3 festa Ghia



Papped this Wolseley before but the zircon P6 V8 is a new addition to this driveway




That's all for now folks.

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Nice to see some more Essex tat, I do miss seeing stuff like that as there's nowhere near as much in Kent. I spotted that Capri back in 2009 or 10, it's on my spotted thread, but I think it was OAP owned then and has since gained the RS alloys. Still, good to see it back on the road as it was SORN for a few years. I saw it in Westcliff a few weeks ago.  The white Pony is owned by an old giffer, he's always trundling about in it. 'Shiters with long memories may remember the boxes of 2CV spares Trigger got off freecycle and kindly passed on to me when I had mine, well I never used anything, the boxes sat in my garage for a few years but eventually I donated them to the owners of that 2CV. Hopefully the spares are helping to keep it on the road :)


One car I haven't seen for a while that has to be one of the shitest cars in Southend is a brown Toyota Starlet, on a W or X reg I think. I spotted it once in the Aldi/Lidl car park by Priory Park (can never remember which one it is). Rust holes everywhere and covered in mud. Certainly one to look out for.

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That Bronzy/Brown Startlet sounds familiar but cant recall seeing it for some time now.


I plan to go over Copart at Purdeys Ind Est on Thursday, there is a late 1987 Rover SD1 Vitesse in there along with a 1978 Datsun 120Y and a 1973 P6.

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Latest batch of local shite and tat.





A repeat from Monday, managed a better pic of this crusty 2CV (But looks like its being used)



This old bus looked in GR10 nick



This 944 looks to be sinking into this drive



Sherpa and something else that looks ultra tat



Not tat, but this proper LHD Porsche looked fab to pap



Escort 1.4 dog. This pic makes it look 100000% better than in the flesh



Beige Dolly in need of some love



My knowledge on old LR's is like GR1 but this looked a really old one



Granada anyone?



That's all, Until next time...

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Today's tat spots (More from Rochford/Hawkwell/Hockley)


Non Pineapple MK2 Golf, Rare sight these days 



Even more rare, a non scene'd Mk1 Golf Caddy






Rally going Alfa



Old and well before my time, not sure what this is.



Another tired 944 (a few of these round here)



Don't usually bother with Mini's but this looked great, and an old one too



Is this what arrives if you dial 999 and ask for Autoshite?



This P6 3500 has been here a year now, not moved @ £6995 and its starting to look worse for wear




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LYU 905 is a Lanchester LD10. Has he still got the Mini, Midget and the Austin Princess/Sheerline under the cover?


The bloke with the Bond Minicar and Sherpa used to have a Wartburg Tourist under a carport but the last time I went past it had been stripped down to a bare shell and was just sitting on the driveway, so not sure if he's still got it.


I've never seen that A60 Cambridge before, but there's a bloke right near my parents house who now has an identical one on his driveway, as well as a Wolseley 1500. I think my collecting habits must be rubbing off on the neighbours!

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