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Ebay shite accessories and giffer trinkets

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13 minutes ago, robinmasters said:

Want to drive around with a slightly loose seatbelt, whilst simultaneously being reminded of the most famous paedophile/necrophile from seventies & eighties television?


No eBay link, because these desirable items are from my own personal collection. They are available*, free of charge, to anyone who wants them. 

* Not supplied: cigar, jangley chains, foil blanket or Showaddywaddy.

Go on then ill give them a go if still available. Pm me please , I'm off to southern shiters meet in a min

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Buy this badge to go with the mug:



He only wants £32 for a piece of metal from an event that nobody ever remembers or went to (barring a few sad, old, fat men with MG's), with no relevance to anything, and worth absolutely nothing to anyone.

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Going to see if she notices and how much trouble I'll be in.

I bought a Neverbeen sticker, was going to put it on one of mine but decided I'm not the sort who puts stickers on my cars, especially when people already think you are a wanker because of badge snobbery. 

So it's going off my wife's super-efficient but otherwise lowly and boring VAG puss.

I haven't told her...




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