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South West Autoshite Meet - 19th September 2015

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I'm going (intending) to the Haynes pre-80s Museum breakfast meet this weekend if my MGB gets me there. I know @phil_lihp has mentioned he is too if his princess makes it.

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A decent little meet, not a huge attendance but that is probably intentional and it was a nice way to start things off.  All very chilled, friendly and well organised.

Quite a few really nice cars there, a strong Triumph and Jensen presence and some very old stuff I couldn't identify.  The Cortina arrived relatively late, 6.0 Chevy engine and sounded very angry - quite a handful by the look of it, didn't seem to be easy to park slowly!    

The Princess did brilliantly, covering all manner of roads including a short stretch of motorway and covering about 160 miles with absolutely zero issues.  It'll be nice to go again at some point when I can take a passenger or two.

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