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Any London / black cab experts here


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In the very short time I owned mine, I loved it. Don't forget that included a 200 odd mile drive home in it and a couple of 90 mile round trips fully laden taking a mate and family on holiday/back home.

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As Im currently employed by LTC, I'd like to say that since the resumption of production we are working really really really hard to correct the short comings of previous models. The latest ones are a light year away from what was being built before. One of the mechanics has a fairway v8 project too....

Can you still melt cheese on the electric window switches?


(obviously the TX4s on fire will but I was referring to all TX1,2+4 models)

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Wondering what knackered old cabs we'll be buying in ten years? Frazer Nash who bought bankrupt Bristol Cars have made this thing, electric hybrid something or other.

That's an awkwardly proportioned, pasty looking, bloated piece of shit. Don't think much of the cab either.







This local hero has a Tardis in his front garden, so naturally has covered his cab in fur.

You missed a trick Carbodies.




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