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On 6/19/2022 at 1:37 AM, RoverFolkUs said:

I paid £500 for mine about 15 years ago. It was a horrid piece of shit back them and failed it's next MOT on rot and all 4 strut top mounts. Some mad fucker saved it, and it lived on for nearly 10 more years after me! Still would never imagine it being more than a £500 car when they did all their depreciation after about 5 years old! 

Mine probably only had about 30k miles back then as well, off the top of my head. 

My wife had a  fiesta from new when I met her in 1993 , it was about a year old , I couldn't believe how bad it was for a new car , 4 speed gearbox , 1962 spec as in fuck all in it apart from some stripes because it was a special edition .

It amazed me anyone would buy such a piece of crap after a test drive,  worst bit was a 220 mile drive to Heathrow screaming it's tits off at 70mph , the drive back after a 10 hour flight wasn't something I was looking forward to 

It was that bad I PX'd it for a Renault laguna as soon as we got back 


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3 hours ago, Wack said:

I liked that laguna , she didn't like the extra 3ft though , ripped the back door skin on a Luton van within a month 

MrsDS did a similar thing when she collected our CX familiale after we had been borrowing a friends LHD Ford Pinto whilst the CX was being repaired for other stuff. Oh how I laughed.

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14 hours ago, Wack said:



still with 39 delivery miles on the odometer


Has it got 35 miles on it, or 39 miles on it?

Who fuckin' knows! Because there are no photos of the odometer reading!


What a load of horse shit. It irks me when a car ad gets the mileage wrong, but especially when that 4 mile difference is such a significant % of its miles!

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Yes another Dell Boy van.

This one is only £8K (all but). It is an empty shell, it is not roadworthy , it is an ex London Olympics, it is a ex plastic pig.




The Ebay advert refers to a Silverstone Auction. This is it,


That just looks crap and for £36K, WTF?

Lot Image

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On 9/21/2022 at 9:12 PM, Wack said:

Ironic reg. They can't have had much fun with it in 35 (or 39) miles. Then again it's a Land Rover so maybe more fun to look at than to drive.

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