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Possibly one of the worst ads I've seen asking for £40,000:

One portrait photo of a printed landscape photo of the outside of the car, which may have been taken 15 years ago.
One photo of not the car - because it's under a cover.
Three dark and blurry photos from the camera being arbitrarily thrown around random parts of the interior.

The description is short but not sweet:


This car is like new





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On 6/7/2021 at 8:15 PM, RoadworkUK said:

The Keith Gibbs motor company either needs to buy a new camera that can render yellow properly, or stop dicking around with the levels in Photoshop.


That has, he says covered about 83 miles a year for the last 12 years so begs the question why she kept it. It’s nice enough but overpriced by about £7k I reckon.

not that I’m an expert.

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On 6/7/2021 at 7:44 PM, Crackers said:

It's the yellowest thing I've ever seen, but HFM?!

I know Mister2s have long departed shite money, but this has got to be taking the piss.



Similar mileage.....


And it's a turbo. With a "kit"

Is there a "shit fake cars" thread anywhere?


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4 hours ago, GrumpiusMaximus said:

Somebody around these parts built a Ford GT40 out of what was essentially a complete knock-down kit.  It was so good that Ford officially sanctioned it as a GT40 and verified it as a 'real' one.  It shows up occasionally near the garage that I use.  Must get a snap of it next time....

I’ve seen a decent copy too, had some kind of Chevy V8 in it. Sounded great.

was in Gulf colours too.

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2 hours ago, somewhatfoolish said:

I think Henry Brubaker at the Institute of Studies is a more credible judge of greatest motors than whichever jobbing scribber at Auto Express drew the short straw on the day the Mk3 ez arrived for testing and he doesn't even exist.

The only good thing about the Mk 3 is that it wasn’t a Mk 5……

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On 6/10/2021 at 12:53 AM, horriblemercedes said:

"I'm marrying the heir to the throne! I'm going to be Queen!"
"Oh, for the trappings of wealth...."
"Yeah, he bought me a Ford Escort!"

To be fair the RF have used everyday cars .


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On 6/9/2021 at 3:48 PM, NigeT said:


Never seen an XR3i /Sierra based fake before. Way less offensive than the horrific gash in previous post though description wins extra w**k points.  Exhaust emits pleasant Ferrari-esque sound especially when pulling away or overtaking. Interesting engine options.



That looks like what a Ferrari looks like to me when I’ve had about 8 pints. 

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4 minutes ago, carburettor said:

I asked him about his probable purchaser 


I was on about the C5 that’s £9 million quid. But it’s equally relevant on the Cavalier. I think we ought to prank him with loads of daft requests. 

‘Really interested but I need you to check if the central handbrake splitter cable is present, can you jack it up for me and take some pictures?’

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