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Turbo B says....



I'm as serious as diphtheria when I say that I hate this interior.









This guy is not quite at Purple Helmet standard but seems to be using a similar pricing guide:





£4,475 or have blue oval tax got to these already? they were not that special were they?

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Re the Old Spice Capri, I saw it at some event (can't even remember what it was, some fun day perhaps) and I seem to remember it was auctioned off by Old Spice, or given away in a competition. I'd have thought it was finished to a "that'll do" standard under the vinyl wrap rather than being a full-scale resto.

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Probably one of these things


http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Run-your-car- ... 589a8b6b25


Snigger :P


Fools and money spring to mind, 48mpg my arse :roll:


I'm amazed they're even legal - surely it's false advertising? Note how almost all the feedback is from people who haven't actually fitted it yet

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Look at this POS.





1959 VW Beetle - Golde ragtop - Semaphores For Sale


£15,000. It looks like someone has smeared shit over it.


So now the car can be used as a daily driver or sit in a Garage or Museum. It has the fake rust Paint that has apparently 5 differen't colours to get the Rust effect all over with L87 Pearl White Paint as the base colour-(custom Paint Job), Rusty-Adged Dull look used on body with Yellowish tint to bring the car to Film standard and decal/stickers by Gregg Carr (official Herbie correct decals from Tampa-Florida). The interior is painted in Matt-Grey just like the film cars-I have seen x4 original Herbies in my time here in the U.k and USA and can only say that it's so near the original cars and a fraction of the price!





The only film that car would be used in is 2 girls 1 cup.

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WTF is the "hydrogen cell" he's going on about?


Hydrogen is made by electrolysis of water (using electric energy from the car's battery) with an enthalpy of separation of 285KJ/mol. Electrolysis of water is roughly a 60% efficient process, probably a lot lower in a home made system.


This hydrogen is then burnt in the engine to make water, with an enthalpy of formation of -285KJ/mol (creating energy to charge the car's battery). Thermal efficiency in an diesel engine is roughly 35%.



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Seeing all those nothing motors with massive mark-ups reminds me of an white Opel Manta GTE Hatch back in ~1999 that was on a forecourt in Glossop @ £2.5k for several years. Probably still is. They barely made £500 back then.

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I quite like it and if you want a show car then you might well pay that for it.

I wouldnt pay that for a Mk 2 Golf, but hey if someone wants to its their money.

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Meh, if I was well rich like I'd offer him £20,000. But I'm not.

I'd be interested to hear the story behind it though.


EDIT: Just found it, interesting stuff.



Fair play, that's superbly well done.

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