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Mr_Bo11ox's thread. Mr_Bo11ox's rules.


Anyways, an absolutely mint condition MkII Transit camper might* be worth Five Grand. But this one ain't.




Need to move it on quick as wife hates it


Starting bid: £5,000.00 [ 0 bids ]


"Well love, I've had it on Ebay all week with no takers. There's no point in giving it away, is there?"

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Can there be any situation where a Renner 5 is worth nearly 40 grand?






ah - but then that's an unfiddled with Turbo 2 it's basically a racing car in a renner 5 shell - mid engined - they only made about 1500 Turbo 2's - rare as you like and one of THE cars to have on the historic motorsports circuit.

£40k might be a tad salty but it won't be cheap in anyway


120mph 0-60 in about 6 seconds - very quick for the period - one of the maddest of the hot hatches - more of a racing car than a road car and the outrageous rear wheel set up was GR9 4 CLONKING CYKLIZTS & GETTING STUK IN FILNG STAYSHUNS


There's a minter on C&C at the moment for £36k



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Soz to be a slight party pooper here, but isn't the idea of this thread to list stuff that's advertised for a stupid price rather than reaching it through bidding? Not that it hasn't been interesting to see how much random stuff is fetching though!



Fair enough, I wasn't intending to make it a regular thing, I was just excited at making 1/3rd of the purchase price of the whole vehicle back though selling just the tailgate and a single door handle :D



But when you think about it, isn't stuff reaching a high price through bidding also down to eBay users having a bizzarely inflated sense of what something is worth? Only in this case, there was at least two of them for each item.


Apologies, I was having a twattish moment :(

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I think that purple Helmet could be a regular on this thread, he's got a horrible chrome-arched Granada up for £5k and this:



http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Volkswagen-Go ... 0750993026


Tidy but unremarkable 5-dr Golf GTi (presumably 8v)




Ah! That explains why its £3000

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Purple helmet also has a comedy priced Merc 190e cosworth as well. One of the mods over on mercedes190.co.uk owned it and it was hanging. The sills, rear inner and outer arches and front wings were all going big time and was worth £2k tops. Now quickly blown over and for sale with that nutcase for £6995. That money will buy a really nice cossie, but not that one!

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£2495 is clearly crazy for a low spec 205. That said, I may have to eat my words in a few years time if rally tax becomes a big deal with these things, I should imagine mint standard Sunbeams are starting to go for daft money.

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I think we're missing a trick here.




http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1995-Vauxhall ... 8220558094


£20.83+VAT per week. Read the bottom of the page, that figure is based on a 24 month hire period.


£20.83+VAT = £25.00 per week.


52 x £25.00 = £1,300.


52 x 2 = £2,600


Just to hire the bastard!


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