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Talbot Samba Rallye


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Had a  brand new Yreg Red Samba *LE. 1.0 'shoebox' engine iirc.

$hite from the outset.

I didn't pay for it so....meh ;)

*through the mist of time, a dim recollection (assisted by Google!)

It was a GL 1100.... Because not the one above [GLS]....


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1 hour ago, Faker said:

Because of what “one above “?

Err... I don't have any photos so, just sort of vague memory of a pos... I know it was well 'basic' but (after reading the trim variants) it came to me it was 1100 - not 1.0 - and some debate was entered into about getting a GLS but ended up with a GL.

Frankly, the Ex & Fil & pos are best forgotten....

Moving On..... ;)

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6 hours ago, warninglight said:

My dad had a great wee spin in that around the Maze 3 or 4 years ago. Good to see it's still being cherished!

I’d forgotten about that!

Ulster Aviation Society at the Maze Prison site.

It had skinny rims and mini tyres I think, and the 5” cibie spots at that time.

Did I just toss your dad the keys?





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