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I'm conducting a poll. Global warming, real or cobblers?


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Don’t get me started on kids or religion. Two of my pet hates. All those little shits sapping from the welfare state will grow up to have kids as well. 


We must be due another good plague in the next 200 years or so. Probably why diseases and viruses exists though. To thin out the population. Not nice to think about, but humans need culling like any other animal.

That said, we've done a pretty good job of culling ourselves in the 20th Century. With Syria sucking in the world’s opposing superpowers, WW3 isn’t as remote as we’d like to think, so that’s a more pressing threat than bloody polar bears dying and the Onslow Layer or whatever it’s called.


We’ll kill ourselves before the Planet does.

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I think it's incredibly arrogant of us to think its our fault. The climate on earth does not stay the same indefinitely. There have been ice ages and there have been periods where it was warmer than it is now. It's a natural cycle of the planet we have to accept. There were no Rover V8s around the last time all the icecaps melted after all.

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I think climate change is happening, I'm sure it can be demonstrated scientifically.  Me driving well-maintained old cars and prolonging the life of them is not really contributing to it greatly.


I do worry about the amount of emissions put out by factories producing tat in the far east and aviation and shipping.  We have a new processor for bark or some such organic fuel stuff near where I live which will go to fuel the nearby Drax power station as an alternative to coal.  Very laudable - although I am of the understanding that said bark material is shipped across from Canada in a big diesel powered ship....


Most green solutions are superficial - the public in general don't get to see (or want to see) the non-environmentally friendly aspects behind the smokescreen if you pardon the pun.


I reckon overpopulation is an issue, people are living longer these days too.


However, I also think the greatest and most imminent threat to our existence is global conflict.  We didn't worry about the environment through the mid 20th century because we had nukes poised to destroy us and that was scary enough for everyone.  Now that we have that situation again I think that the environment is a slightly secondary issue.


Peace man, then we can think about how to build massive solar powered ships to get our tat from China!

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Energy companies want us to be better at saving energy, but they want us to do it on their terms.

They want massive government grants to build wind farms, but they want to make profit from the customers still.

If everybody started generating their own energy, they would crap themselves as they don't have control - they love alternative energy but only when they have the power to charge for it. eon, npower et al all bust overnight.

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