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1988 Austin Maestro Auto - Cream/Caramel - £200


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Anyone interested in this beauty?







only owned this 6 months, 73k miles, Stops and Goes, MOT and Tax both lapsed back in april.


I am selling this car as I have run out of room! I usually put stuff up on here dirt cheap so i don't have to deal with the general public I have other classic cars which I drive more often than this one so unfortunately it has to go


This car looks respectable from a few yards. but once you get close you can see it has been subjected to a few slap-dash bodywork repairs. 


things I have noticed from the few times I have driven it:


  • Exhaust is a little noisy, I am not sure if it has got a hole in it, as these aren't the quietest of exhausts
  • Steering wheel wobbles up an down a bit,I noticed when I checked the MOT history online that It had been mentioned before.
  • Headlining is sagging a little
  • Water leaked into the car the only time I left it outside when raining!
  • Autochoke appears not to be working well, have to wait a few minutes before commencing journey


I have driven this car about 300 miles in total, with no issues, and at motorway speeds.


Now all the bad stuff is out of the way


This car has had 4 keepers from new, the keeper before me had owned it since 1992


as you can tell from the MOT history, the car has only done 5000 miles in the last 6 years


MOT history


11/04/2012 - 72743 miles

06/04/2011 - 72186 miles

15/04/2010 - 71505 miles

21/04/2009 - 70576 miles

24/04/2008 - 69526 miles

20/04/2007 - 68784 miles


Car is located near Portsmouth

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just received the call from the MOT tester. its failed, needs some welding around the bottom of the rear driverside  wheel arch/ door - it looks like its been bodged there in the past and a bit on the other side. i'll get some pics up


so - £200 as it stands, still a gr9 bargain

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