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1980s Dacia Duster / Aro 10


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Beautiful Duster. And I'm looking for it. Good luck with that.

If you know a car like yours for sale interested.

Motu  -  take a trip to Spain,  or Romania !   plenty dead ones there  :-D


(not too sure on your flag, maybe you're already there....)

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Toyying with the idea

of buying this as it fairly local for £175



Aro 10

As we know my old blue Duster was sold many moons ago and recently photographed outside of a commercial building so can't be doing it much good in the rain. Regret is a thing from which I suffer but have to keep moving forward!




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I'm gonna get my gypsy friend to call the bloke at the weekend and ask if it has documents. That's the first hurdle.


If it does have documents then I've no excuse really not to then try find a bloke to trailer it home.


If both those things come together I'll send some photos of it at my house. Or in the local river. Of Full of gypsies. Its a fun life here in BG

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  • SambaS changed the title to 1980s Dacia Duster / Aro 10

Spoke to the seller.  Car still available but no documentation this means it can never be used on the road here. He seemed to hint the car came originally from UK but we are not certain thats what he said. May go have a look next weekend but would need to get real lucky to ever legally own it and thus use on road.

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Just found this local, 7th Feb. 1985 picture, and put it in the "great B&W" thread. I Think it should be in here as well.1381341562_Screenshot2022-03-21at14_06_00.thumb.png.99ad91d481e8191cc8ae2872d75ea168.png

It's just a couple of months old here, but it didn't last long. 


I remember these Dusters were featured one week in the farming section of the local paper, I think they were being sold by a Tractors and machinery dealer.  4wd and shite was unusual enough to be desirable (& memorable)


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