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1980s Dacia Duster / Aro 10


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yeahhhhhhhhhhhh i supposse.


Except for the top is not meant to come down on my Jimp.


No I still must have a Dacia Duster, I will just up the ante for my next one, I know where another four are so there are other leads to follow up.


Also I imagine others will turn up with the same 4 year frequency on eBay.

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you've had a lucky escape Samba.

I was just gonna say the same! Someone's gonna save it anyway. If you're desperate to know what'll happen with it, beg the seller for the winning bidder's details, or at least ask the seller to pass on your number.


If you are gutted to have missed out on it at £460, you should have bid more. Harsh but true. With ebay you always have to decide where the line lies between 'gutted to miss out' and 'wouldn't want to pay that much'. And bid (or snipe) once, accordingly. You might win it cheaper anyway.


Edd your nuts

Will, please finish your sentence, it began in such an intriguing way...

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My conversation with Benno and Steve while bringing the green Polonez went...


"Absolutely no more cars for me now, I have two too many as it is and need a break from spending on them, I'd like to do other things like eat and go visit places with my mates, it's almost becoming a chore. But I'm happy with the ones I have"


Benno: really what about a Dacia Duster?


"well okay maybe a Dacia Duster but anything else can sod off!"


What are the chances of one turning up on eBay the following week? I though the universe wanted me to have this car!


But, whatever man, the financial strain needs to stop and this would have prolonged it. So there.


The search continues.


I will say a Duster is higher up my list than even a Tagora on the fact that there are plenty of Tagoras in France.

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I guess A framing it with my Polonez is my only option, they are actually fairly small cars however. Anyone near Worcester?


Brochure says 1280KG, if Will can tow an MG with a Samara the Polonez will be more than capable!


Untitled.jpgWork in Worcester, with a fronterror and a twin axle car trailer...


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It seems that I inadvertently pissed on this picnic.


I spent yesterday morning looking at the Duster intently, following Ben's alert in Ebay Tat. I had to do some work in the afternoon, sadly, so placed an emergency snipe.


Autoshite should've been rechecked first, of course. I stumbled here last night to brag about my purchase... and found this thread. However, I can't guarantee that happening upon it yesterday would've made me less of a bastard – owning one quarter of a Duster would only lead to fighting later.


I, too, have been looking for one for almost half a decade (by way of proof, I attach a picture from 2008 of me having a great time with an ARO-10). And having found a Shifter and a Denem in the meantime, its desirability increased like the third street in a Monopoly property group. Plus, if I have to drive to the UK in an ARO TV filled with spares for my current crop of four Romanian restoration projects anyway - what's a fifth?


Collection is scheduled for Sunday. I'll report back.


Edd: you know where it is. If my plans for world domination fail and I have to sell it, I'll give you first refusal. If you ever feel moved to lift your Romanian gypsy curse on my future family, I'll be ever so grateful.





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At this moment Mr you are firmly penciled into my list of sworn enemies! But, I wish I'd hav known as I wouldnt have bid, I now feel kind of bad. I understand wanting the full street too. And I doubt it could have gone to a better home. I hope you are going to use it! I lift my gypsy curse now if you will let me have a go in it sometime in the future

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Duster collection went swimmingly. Pics below.


The seller - John - was a good egg. He bought it somewhere around 20 years ago from a 'local old boy', used it to drag stuff around his yard for a while, then laid it up in a barn with a 'protective' film of used engine oil.


I suspect that it's mileage of 6700 is genuine. But I also suspect that most of these have been covered in first gear with a hay cart on the back and the pickup bay filled with old Transit engines.


The chassis is decent. The body's bent and has plenty of rusty holes, but it's largely saveable. I haven't had time to play with it mechanically, yet. According to John, it's fundamentally decent. But a cursory inspection suggests that it's never been serviced and that almost every consumable item - CV joints, wheel bearings, anything made of rubber, etc. - is well and truly consumed.


There's plenty to add to my already substantial Romanian shopping list. A Dacia Liberta might be required to accommodate the overflow of parts from the ARO TV...


John has various other treasures buried in his man-shed complex: a rusty Chrysler 180, a rusty MkI Fiat Panda, numerous rusty Panda Sisleys, a rusty Triumph Toledo, a rusty Mini van, a rusty MkII transit and various newer things - all rusty. If any of this floats anyone's boat, send me a PM and I'll forward his telephone number.


He does have one absolute marvel, though: a not-particularly-rusty Fiat (Seat) 133. I've resisted the urge to offer him money for it all week. I suspect I won't last the weekend, though. The more I look into these, the more appealing they become. 


Trigger's Retro Road Test from CAR, December 1975, is the clincher - any small car that beats an Imp in the 'driver appeal' category is an absolute winner in my book. Just look at the majesty with which it traverses the corner on page 3.


March forward!















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Don't want a Denem or a Shifter (although pleased at least one of each exists) just want a Duster soft top preferably in red. Sam why dont you buy that Scottish Portaro Pampas? And get a replacement body from Portugal. See I have two beans to my name and I'm even considering it!

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  • 8 months later...
Yesterday Mr Scruff delivered me this:




It needs amongst other things, a battery




and a starter motor




and this gray circular thing looks suspect




Quickly was my dream of getting it running yesterday scuppered. However it rolls, the gear stick engages all gears and the pedals aren't seized, so I am hopeful!


Also I did fancy having it painted and pretty, but seeing it, it does wear it's current condition very well indeed. I am most happy. Big thanks to Sam and to Kev and Julian who's barn it's currently in.

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Bleak over here, other than engine parts I would Imagine, I've a colleague going to Romania in June so I'll see if I can get a couple of front wings for it.. for if I ever decide to have everything put right


It's the Renault C engine used in a lot of stuff

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Get some measurements for this starter motor housing to me Edd- looks very similar to a Pug XUD one. (except the other way round)


I need:


A. Measurement between top right bolt hole centre and top left bolt hole centre.


B. Measurement between top left bolt hole centre and bottom bolt hole centre.


C.Measurement between top right bolt hole centre and bottom bolt hole centre.


D. Depth of the edge of the flywheel from the 'face' of the bracket.


E. Approximate maximum length of the stater motor from the 'face' - ie. how much space do we have?


Also - does the exhaust manifold encroach at all into the space that the motor should take up - or is there plenty of space?

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