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1980s Dacia Duster / Aro 10


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Hey everyone, who is up for a share in the Duster?


I propose 4 ways at £100 each.


If anyone is interested but not in keeping a share the rest will buy them out equally.


Done this before with the 125P


I think it's a safe bet with Autoshite people.


I can store it.


Just a suggestion who's in?


Please no "I would if I have the money" or any of the usual, if you have £100 spare within the next 8 days (TODAY NOW IT HAS BEEN AMENDED< STRANGE....) and are up for it please speak up.





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Just found a frantic email from Edd:


It is right at the top of my must haves list.


I definitely cant afford it by myself as I need to pay for... bla bla...
its uber mega important tho this car.


You're sorting out storage, right?
I'm over my limit already, both storage-wise and projects-on-the-go. But if you're taking care of that...
What about transporting it Yorkshirewards?
So yeah, I have £100 I could loose from my little shite money box, but no more.
And if anyone asks, it's yours, ok? Not mine!
FFS Edd, what are you getting me into now?



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A good idea but how would it work when it comes to repairs, MOT, tax and actually using it (between four) people?

Divided between whoever owns a share in the car.


Assuming all four people have a vested interest in continuing ownership as opposed to just saving the car. Agreed the less people involved the less complicated it would be.


We started out with 4 of us on the 125P and have already bough out one person.





I'm Nigerian aristocracy and I've been staking the joint for many years now, waiting for the right time to gettings your ca$h monies.

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I guess A framing it with my Polonez is my only option, they are actually fairly small cars however. Anyone near Worcester?


Brochure says 1280KG, if Will can tow an MG with a Samara the Polonez will be more than capable!



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I'm going to spend the rest of the evening sulking and causally throwing my toys around the flat, then I may settle for a bit of murdering if I hear noise from downstairs. Maybe then wash the pain away with a bottle of voddy.

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