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How shit is your shitest shite that still drives?


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I'm pretty sure I've run cars with more metal missing, though perhaps not as visibly.


I was once sitting outside a scrapyard when I heard a horrible grating noise approaching. It was a rotten Metro with four young lads aboard and it was scraping along the ground. Just before they got to the yard they hit a bump, the back end bounced up and allowed the rear subframe to complete the escape it had been attempting. The final part of the journey was completed with the arse dragging on the ground and the subframe being pulled along by the handbrake cables. I think that's the worst car I've seen that was still moving.


It got better though. Another four lads were following in a Stanza, after spending the Metro money at the burger van they all piled into the Stanza, some of them in the boot, and drove off.

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Thankfully the arse end will live on in another old 900, I was amazed at the strength and thickness of the construction of these things, little wonder they seem to last. The convertible unique parts will be removed for my good one and the rest scrapped, if anyone wants anything just yell.

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My dad was a master coachbuilder working at page & scotts in mill road Colchester

He mainly designed and built moblle libraries,but also one off factory trucks etc.

have great memories of taking train with him up north somewhere and driving back on a lorry chassis of some sort,usually with me sitting on a box beside drivers seat,no seatbelts in those days.

Similar to this



All weathers as well,usually no windscreen or any other protection.just goggles & heavy clothing. etc.

He also built the first pre production Riley RME roof.which was wood frame with leather covering.


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In the days before H&S bus chassis were routinely delivered to the coachbuilder like this...


<photo of bus chassis>


I'm not 100% certain but I think that sometimes involved driving hundreds of miles.



A lot of Bristols were sent like that from the factory to ECW in Lowestoft I think.

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