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Through Lobster's Lense - Update - Remember remember the second of November...

Mr Lobster

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^THAT^ Cavalier is the business!

Love it.


We used to go mad for Cav's in our Yoof. Cheap as chips with more grunt than most other stuff you could buy for the money. All my mates had 'em, with everything from 1300 wheeze-power to turbo redtop sillyness.


I had one myself, a really early Mk2 hatch (X-reg!) in banana yellow. Sadly it lasted about 6 hours in my hands. Bought it at tea-time, went for a roll out to a country pub with some mates, properly binned it into a field after -some- beer around closing time. Long walk home!

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I know we walked past the Lobster tent several times but were generally child in hand...


Looks like you've got most of the shite that was there :wink: We ended up rolling down the M1 with that Metro for a while. So innocuous!

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So innocuous!

Thats actually what made me go and have a look at it. I saw it waiting to get to the strip and from the back it looks absolutely standard so I thought I'd go see how slow it was. Obviously from the front you can tell it has a bit more go but its an impressive job and very subtle.

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Gutted that I missed the Fiat 127 and Datsun - that burgundy Sunny is identical to my old one, without the nice paintwork, rear arches, seats and pretty much everything else really. The paint was so bad I re-painted it with Hammerite paint.

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Right. We'll start with a couple of random spots from the last couple of months -


Posted Image


Posted Image


Posted Image


Fiesta XR2 parked up with long time unmoved XR3i Cabrio. Both have vanished since the picture was taken (June).


Then, onto Beaulieu -


Fairly sure this IoM Beer van was on someones spotted thread acouple of months back? Its at Beaulieu now.


Posted Image


Also at Beaulieu, in the expanded Top Gear bit is the remains of the CX camper


Posted Image


Then, onto the Retro Rides Gathering. Not many pictures as I was a bit busy to have a wander. Did see these though...


Posted Image


Posted Image


Posted Image


More shortly...

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Posted Image


I would imagine gutted was not enough to describe how the owner felt. Still, he walked away though.

Ouch!, How do you describe that to your insurance company?, I can't imagine that you'd even be covered as most policys don't cover for rally use.

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As I uploaded these last week during The Great Autoshite Outage, some of the Flickr uzerz have already seen these but for the sake of completeness we'll have them here too!


Wierd Popemobile Polo in Morlaix



VW Polo by Mr Lobster, on Flickr



Citroen BX by Mr Lobster, on Flickr



Renault 4 F6 by Mr Lobster, on Flickr



Peugeot 205 by Mr Lobster, on Flickr



Oh hello, whats this then? by Mr Lobster, on Flickr



Ford Transit by Mr Lobster, on Flickr



SEAT Malaga by Mr Lobster, on Flickr



Peugeot 504 by Mr Lobster, on Flickr

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Renault 4 by Mr Lobster, on Flickr



Abandoned behind a garage by Mr Lobster, on Flickr



Trabant by Mr Lobster, on Flickr



Peugeot 505 by Mr Lobster, on Flickr



Renault Super5 by Mr Lobster, on Flickr



Citroen CXs by Mr Lobster, on Flickr



Peugeot 604 by Mr Lobster, on Flickr



Thats it for France. Disappointed by the lack of Mk1 R5s about - only saw one the entire time we were there. Theres a lot less old stuff about but I guess thats 'progress'. That said, theres still a lot more than there is here.


Went to Silverstone for Renault World Series this weekend. Not much in the way of shite either in the circuit or the car parks but these probably deserve noting anyway



Renault 19 16V by Mr Lobster, on Flickr



Renault 9 Turbo by Mr Lobster, on Flickr

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  • 11 months later...

So, in the spirit of posting some quality, old fashioned Autoshite content, lets have some spots. Not the ones that the doctor gave you the cream for that you still haven't used but some pictures of some cars in some places.


Not sure how well this will go down so any future updates depend on how it goes I guess but here goes the first bit.


Back in 2011 Mrs Lobsta and I took then 18 month old Lobsta #1 to Croatia. Croatia is fantastic for spotting and also a very nice place indeed but enough of that, get your looking gear round these -




Lots of these still about. Seriously, lots and lots of them.




R4s were made in Slovenia for a while and are still very, very popular in Croatia.






Plenty of older Zastavas still rattling around.




Hardcore camping








Late Zastava / Yugo with attractive* facelift




Car park shite




Deceased Regatta




Finally for now,  a Lada resting in the shade.

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Same summer as the trip to Croatia saw a trip to France in the R4. 2011 was the 50th anniversary of the R4 and obviously this meant that a party was required. That this party was to be held in the Loire valley giving a 1500 mile roundtrip to be completed over the course of a long weekend just made it more of an 'adventure'


4L International was fantastic though. Lots of Renault 4s and their derivatives as you might expect -





R4 prepped for run at Bonneville




Le Rat Look c'est merde




1:1 scale r/c R4




Some people did a spot of off-roading
















So enough of the past. Time to move back to 2013, which includes this honey -


Datsun by Mr Lobster, on Flickr
More L8R


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