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97 vectra 1.6 16v wont stop over revving.

Charlie Croker

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Hi guys. When I try to start my Veccy all that happens is it revs up by itself. The throttle is not stuck on or it dos not seem to be. Have cleaned the air meter on the pipe near the air box. Has anyone got a piccie of the air senser as my pal thinks somthing may be missing of it. He also thought he could hear air being sucked in but I didn't. Also the idle speed can be a bit high sometimes. Maybe up to 11000rpm. When I left it running earlier it seemed to make a strange rattley sound.....this was about 2 hours and 10 miles befor the fault appeard. Last thing is for the last month or so it has been hard to put petrol in. The pump clickes like the tank is full afterevery 50 pence of petrol. Any ideas guys as I'm a real novice and clueless.

Thanks Charlie.

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Been a few years since I've played with those VX's but is it the X16XEL? If so, the throttle body is pretty well hidden to the right of the cylinder head (as you look into the engine bay) and the large-bore hose connecting this to the actual inlet was a common problem as it splits.

It's not easy to replace in the Tigra/ Corsa and only slightly less fiddly in the Veccy but was a major issue when these were current and produces idle problems.

Check the smaller hoses while you're there too- some are breathers to the cam cover, others go the the charcoal canister vent valve. Get all this in order, clean the plunger-type idle valve and I reckon you'll be sorted :D


Incidentally.. have you ever wondered why the inlet path is so torturous on these and the 1.4s? It's because during development, these small bore lumps were producing more power than the family II 1.8s and 2.0s 8) No doubt due to the Lotus designed heads.

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Cool I will try those I am trying to get to the plastic pipe under the throttle body at the moment.lol. Where abouts is the valve I need to clean bud. This is gonna sound daft but can air con make any difference as I've just started it and it did the usual and reved up to 5500 and turend it off. I started it again with the air con on and it held 2000 revs until I reved it then it was back to normal. Also I hear the fuel pump wine for a minute or two in the mornings. Cheers guys.

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Those spring clips are a pig aren't they :lol: I used to replace them with jubilees.

The idle speed control valve is on the side of this throttle body, held in place with small torx screws. Memory fades but I think you have to unbolt the tb from it's bracket to get at the ISCV.. possibly not though. It's a small, round black unit that has a spring loaded plunger that alters the idle speed.

Must say though, revs that high are not down to the valve, sounds more like an air leak to me.

Aircon 'should' have no effect..

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Sounds like your Idle control valve is fubar.




The TB on all VX engines I know is above the inlet. Take off the plastic trunking from the airbox and there you will have it.


Unplug, and unplumb it (you wont lose much coolant, just a trickle) then unclip the throttle cable then undo the 4 bolts holding it to the inlet manifold.


Then unbolt the idle control valve (cylindrical item on the side of the TB, looks like an electric motor. Thorw it away and get a good replacement from e-bay.


Then clean your Throttle body in the kitchen sink with a shitload of petrol and a toothbrush, before refitting the whole lot.


Get a Haynes manual for this and it really is a piece of piss on any VX of your car's age.


Whilst you are there, get yourself a genuine VX second hand MAF (or new one but they are quite dear) which is the short piece of trunking halfway between the airbox and the TB with black sqaure sonsor on top.


I'm as sure as the sunrise this will have your old Vectra running sweet again.

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Thanks loads guys. The main problem seemed to be the pipe the connects the inlet to the throttle body......split. Ive bodged it for now by moving the the clip up to cover the spilt. Its not a suloution though as im gonna take off the throttle body and clean it as its always had a hesitation at low revs so ill change the hose at the same time. 4 hours i was at it on Wednesday night and nearly lost the plot.lol. Still the good peaple of Edinburgh can now have their pizzas delivered again.lol.


Still plenty of other work to be carried out on the old girl so no rest for the wicked. Still i cant complain as i got it in January with 94k on and its now done 103k........not easy miles either. All thats gone wrong apart from this is the exaust fell off at the middle box....thats it.

Im gonna TRY and put some piccies up if anyone is interested.

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