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Come on down, The Price is Shite - WIN random tat.


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You know you all want that piece if non-shite, it is bloody lovely, Trigger would sell the Cortina in a flash to get it, only realising later that it was a trailer queen.

My Acer is not equipped with a pound sign, so it will sell for 8500 of them.

UK address available on request, there is even a possibility of collection !

must get A into gear and get there soon.

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i thinking your under estimating the power of shiny cart spring fords


i wont name a price, because i dont want to win


but look at this:


http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/BREATHTAKING- ... 7675.l2557


if the docterer can get 17.6K for a 'not much' rust, auto, 5mpg xjs without a roof how much are the windowlickers of ebay going to bid that too many door, 3-speed badermatic granny chariot up to?

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£8991 worth of leaf sprung nonsense and not a guinea more I wager thee good Sir.


I used to like all things old and Ford, but there are so many other cars to try for much more sensible money.

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