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warren t claim

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I went from a year on a 50, to a 125

 Couldn't believe the speed, and couldn't keep the front wheel on the ground. 

Then I went to a 600, and thought I'd bought a rocket, and couldn't believe how much braking power it had. Then I bought an RD350LC and couldn't believe how close I could get my knee to the floor. 

Then I bought a mini 1000. And couldn't believe how much camping gear I could carry. 

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the more you do it youll get used to the windblast and the knack of the looking in the mirror is adjust it so yo have to move your head slightly to look in it - they still (after 30 years) look for that on the test - when i was learning they told me that and ive never forgotten

your /rant sorry explanation - if you feel odd or whatever - id tell what you said here to the instructors and theyll be able to go from there whether you need more training or different type

you also dont need to do it in a week - if you take months or whatever then let it do that


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I upgraded the forks on my Interceptor today, using a YSS kit.  I love this bike but one of it's few weaknesses is the bargain-basement suspension - short, sharp imperfections in the road become landmines, it's had me out of the seat at times and I'm not a light fella.


Kit comprises new springs, extra dampers and adjustable... top bits.  Bafflingly it comes with 200ml of new fluid, while the instructions state each fork leg needs 420ml-ish.  Those instructions are quite poor too, failing to mention some included spacers and the necessary air gap - found a good YouTube video on the installation though.  It being a simple bike the job was quite straightforward, though it did take me a while due to my usual amateur faffing (putting-tools-down-then-forgetting-where-they-are, kicking-the-box-of-removed-parts-across-the-garage, etc).


I was tired and hungry after this so only took it for a short spin (mostly to make sure the wheels didn't fall off), but definitely feels much better damped now.  I've left the rear shocks for now, not really noticed any issue with them.  Bonus MOT-failure VFR in the picture too - it's got linked brakes and the secondary master cylinder (operated by the NSF caliper) has a leak, I've not investigated that yet but I expect it'll be a ballache, if not to fix then at least to bleed afterwards (it's got ABS to complicate matters too).


Only problem I've had with the Enfield (almost 5000 miles now), is this rusting inside one of the exhausts, will get it sorted under warranty.  Other mods have been an extra tooth on the front sprocket (removed the need to constantly search for a 7th gear), heated grips and Bridgestone BT46 tyres.

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Posted this in the ebay tat thread. I contacted the seller as l would love to get in about it. He has been inundated with offers. One of £3000 for the engine alone. He admitted its hard to put a value on it so he is just going to list it on ebay and let it find its value. Still want it though. 272357ff5b9dde2f91c0f2b53073b156.jpg

Sent from my SM-A127F using Tapatalk

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Got this for my son last week to upgrade from his speedfight 50. Mainly so he can find an apprenticeship a bit further from home, and I think, it's just a bit safer being able to easily keep up with traffic and not get bullied too much. It's a Chinese offering 125, bought for the sum of £175 off faceache marketplace. I knew it needed a couple of things to get it roadworthy again, but it has an MOT until end of July. So an exhaust and a couple of other bits later it is now ready to roll again. Bike is worth £600-700 I reckon. I have got it back on the road for a total of about £350. Nipper is happy with it. I couldn't believe the cheapness of parts! If it lasts him another MOT then I'll be very happy. Cat likes it too😂



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On 4/1/2022 at 2:29 PM, Ian_Fearn said:

Can anybody out there give me some advice?

Back in January I did a CBT on an auto 50 scooter. First time I’ve been on a bike (except maybe 25 years ago as a 15 yr old on a field). It’s something I’ve always wanted to do but my parents are so anti-bike I never did it. At 40 this year I figured it was now or never but I have no immediate plans to buy a bike. The CBT was a bit steady but I enjoyed it.

I’m not an overly confident person but the instructor told me that I seemed to be good enough to go further with the bike test so I booked in and did an afternoon on a geared 125. That was much more fun. I had a great time on that with a cracking instructor.

I booked and passed my theory test this week and the next day did a full day training on a 650. Again, good instructor who didn’t bark at me when I made mistakes. BUT….. I enjoyed the 125, nice and steady, a bit bouncy but I was comfortable at 45-50mph. I don’t like driving fast either. In order to pass an actual test they want you to ‘make progress’. Basically means doing the speed limit unless obviously unsafe to do so.

At 60mph on national speed limit back roads I felt so unsafe. I did an overtake accelerating upto 60mph, thought it was one of the most stupid/irresponsible  things I’ve done in years and the instructor congratulated me for it saying my riding was improving so much. The roads are terrible and the wind buffeting so uncomfortable. Likewise, 70mph on the dual carriageway was 100% miserable.

Doing shoulder checks at this speed felt downright dangerous, even moving my head a little to check mirrors felt like my head was about to get blown off. After a days training I was absolutely exhausted and aching.

I’m on a Kawasaki z650, is this normal? Is it just something you get used to? Have I completely missed the point about biking? I’m booked in for 2 consecutive days late next week with the aim to do the mod1 test on the 2nd day but I’m debating whether to carry on.

Sorry, I may be too late for this.

If you don't want to go faster than a 125, you could always do your Mod1 and Mod2 on a 125 and not have to do a CBT again but be limited to the 125.

If not, as others have said, you will get used to the buffeting and how the wind catches your head when you turn it, once you are used to it, you will be fine.

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i feel an iom coming on :D

i was gonna fly to NL for something but 250 quid to rent a car for a coupla days is taking the piss flight was ok and there must be something on where i was going cos £££ and not much to pick from (all 3 figures)

didnt get to look at stuff the last time i went but its all open now so

just gotta dodge the (guaranteed) rain :D


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I’m going to rebook an IOM trip too but not for TT fortnight . Far too peopley for me ! 
Some awesome trail riding out there , and the ferry crossing makes it feel like a proper lads holiday . 

In other news all three road bikes are all prepped for the track day season . First up is a classic TD at Castle Combe at the end of this month . Will be taking the SZR660 and the faithful Thundercat as back up .

Donington in June , again a classic day .

Must book one for May I guess . Did the weepy head gasket on the R6 over the winter and getting some shakedown road miles in on it . Forgot how bloody lovely it was . I’ve owned a lot of bikes and ridden more but it’s genuinely the best steering / handling bike I’ve ever tried. It’s almost telepathic . But still useable and comfy on the road . Almost to the point that the Thundercat is redundant 😔
So glad I fixed the R6 and didn’t buy the Cbr600rr I looked at last year . That felt so cramped and uncomfortable. 

Since the original Shitefest plans didn’t go ahead I booked a Road trial for the Sunday of that weekend. Will be on the ever faithful KE175D . I’ve owned this bike since I was 16 and it’s done everything bar trackdays . Just need to change the tyres and gearing from its current - missis friendly - configuration.


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Been a while since I swore myself off sportsbikes though In truth have always missed that four cylinder howl and omfg journey to anywhere/everywhere despite the solid and sensible reasons for selling my ninja. Despite my advancing years seemingly turning me into more of an irresponsible dickhead than I was in younger years or maybe because of it I’ve just bought this.02835218-1FC2-4AE4-9EC2-2CA750C290FA.thumb.jpeg.2ebd2e0320f7d566542b07a472018543.jpeg

looks ok from there hey. Has and will need more fettling. Have made a start today and got it to point it’s well enough to be thrown into action/the scenery.



It’s a bit noisy and a bit of a dog. Perfect.





I also need to invest in more zip ties and remember  where I put the penny washers 



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31 minutes ago, hairnet said:


My son bought a manual one recently and loves it.  Perfectly adequate performance for his 30 miles each way commute, comfortable, and has recorded around 82mpg on the last few tankfuls of E5.  His was an ultra low mileage (430) 2017 machine so has 54bhp.  Current models have 58bhp, I think.


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