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A Nice Runabout, Maybe...

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Haven't been on here for awhile since have been in the process of changing jobs (For the better). Since I no longer have the long commute I had before, I'm on the lookout for something to do the commute (Not everyday), and maybe travel a bit further to shows...

Here's the top two car's I'm going to consider:

Late Allegro

Rover Metro

Have considered Moggie Minors but to buy a decent one is bit out the budget at the mo, and need the cash to support the 2CV (Could use it as the runabout car but really I don't want to leave it in a Park and Ride park all day. Have considered Renault Fives and Citroen Ax's but really would like something British. The question is are they still reasonable priced to get (Theoretical budget of say £1000, and spare parts easy to get.


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How about a Triumph Toledo or a Dolly 1300? Should be do-able for a grand and you can't beat a nice slab of tree on the dash for a bit of posh. 8)


Good suggestion, love the wee Triumphs. I had a dolly 1500 a few years ago, was really usable

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I can whole heartedly recommend a Honda Civic (Rover 45 style) for economy, comfort and build quality. I swapped in my Fiesta 1.3 for a 1.5 Civic with nearly 200k on the clock, it feels new!


And it's made in Britain. Haha

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Found this picture on my computer today. Now tell me it's not fit!




Ticks the boxes mentioned, and you'll find the best one in the world for a grand. Choose from saloon, hatchback, cabriolet, coupe, t-bar coupe, estate, or three door; this two-litre GTI could be had for a monkey:





What more could you want?

Too juicy? The 1.4 K-grade has summert like 100bhp, so is plenty adequate, and gets cheapo road tax. Pre-'94 for classic cover. WIN!

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