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�±ÑŠ�»�³�°Ñ€Ñ��º�¸ �±�¾�º�»Ñƒ�º (how the other half travel)


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Following on from my Bulgarian Taxi thread, see how the running dog members of the bourgeoisie travel...



In its natural element


Barely run in




What a choice, the UAZ looks official, and possibly sinister....




More sinister, it's the fuzz in a long wheelbase Niva.


Whats the heat on the street, comrade?

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Those UAZ vans are DA NAILZ.


I first saw one on that Ewan McGregor program where he went around the world on a bike, it was in a few scenes in Russia. I think they're based on the UAZ jeep that occasionally gets blown up in James Bond films and despite being probably awful in every way, I'd dearly love one.

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I'm not sure what the UAZ was shocked by - perhaps the fuzz and the sex shop had upset it?


Is it wise to take photos of the rozzers parked up outside a sex shop?


Actually I thought that too, so I pretended to take a picture of the horse and cart, and then swung the camera around at the last moment!

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