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Lazy spotters thread


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This is interesting on a couple of levels; 

1, Does a Scirocco actually look anything like a de Lorean

2, Why the fuck is it red?








Curiously, the de Lorean was much more delicate than I'd remembered, it's painted red because it's been crashed and is full of filler!

And yes, that is a Datsun 240Z in the background.

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From a week in Brussels and Brugge:-


XS850 - looked factory fresh.



Plenty shiny Rovers, this was the roughest.



That proper Alfa sound. Not seen a Giulietta in the wild for years!



Cadillac hearse dwarfed by the Monster-Merc.



Tiny Pope-mobile complete with tiny Pope.



Perfect for cobbled streets.



The 300D Junkman should have bought.







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1, Does a Scirocco actually look anything like a de Lorean








Its like when you have 2 mates who look like each other innit. Everyone gets them muddled up all the time but when you actually put the two together they look bugger all like each other, just a few vague similarities.


Same there I guess.   

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Poverty Spec Impreza Estate...


I've been trying for years to get up close to thing thing and alway worry it's finally been weighd in. Thankfully, spotted it while doing the weekly shop!  :D

Surely next to none of these must exist these days?


Annoyed my flatmate with it, due to him having a freshly imported 'WRX STI special edition 6-4-99-were running out of names' last year. 

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I have never seen an MG6 or MG3 on the road but yesterday I saw two MG3s in and around Northampton.  Both were driving normally, the drivers did not look stressed from impending Chinese electronics doom and both cars actually looked rather good. No photos 'cos my 'phone doesn't.  

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A few of my lazy spottings. So lazy in fact that some of them were mine at the time. Is looking on your own drive too lazy even for this thread?

Not Shite at all this. '90 or '91 Alpina 850 V12.

This Camry is in daily use and is a minter. Driver happy to natter too. 1987. This isn't shite either.


However, this Corsa IS Shite.


And this caught my eye after I started driving an old Skoda,


There was this Volvo beast,



And this Skoda,



And this bus, which made me giggle. I thought Keanu Reeves saved the bus, but my mistake.



And this fine bush belongs to my new next door neighbour, who has a Kitten out in the yard but I was too lazy to get out of my car. Must visit this boy once it stops raining. I think it's a hedge full of Reliants and 2CVs.


For good measure here are a couple of my own. The Fiesta is now banger racing. The Favorit is my precioussssssssss.......


Actually, you can have a better one of my £145 fiesta. Ragged it stupid for three months then sold for £30. Bargain. This picture really makes it look good, and you can't smell the interior in a picture.


More to come. I live out in proper banjo-strumming Irish countryside where everyone is related to everyone else. Everyone loves a bit of chod around here. 

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This has been on my radar since 2010, when I first got my first 306. It lives round the corner from me and moves ocassionally, I think it's been there since well before 2010 too. Flat cap-wearing giffer-owned, faded paint gem of a car. It's an XLd, and my 306 was an XLdt. :D


Those straight XUDs may be slow, but they go on forever!






Also notice the two almost identical Corollas in the background.

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