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Lazy spotters thread


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On 15/04/2024 at 21:19, myglaren said:

Trudging back from the shops, in the rain, a Robin Reliant © 😁 came flying round the roundabout, first one I have seen in years.

B prefix, old bloke driving, mixture of shoddy black and blue panels.

No photo as it happened too fast and I was loaded down with shopping.

Excuse me whilst I just slip my anorak on.

Being a B reg I'm guessing it was a Reliant Rialto, which replaced the Robin in 1983.


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2 hours ago, Remspoor said:

looking at street view that has been there since 2021



Where the blue beetle is in the 2021 picture there's now a green MGB convertible with a rowing boat on top of it (I didn't pap that :-( ) it's missing a door and there's 4"x2" steels welded across the gap - banger racing maybe?


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