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Lazy spotters thread


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My current wife and I have been away in Northumbria for the weekend & booked into a B&B near Seaton. My wife spoke to the owner, who explained her husband's "a bit of an odd-ball car fan", to which she replied "don't worry, my husband's probably worse!"

This is what was in the guest house car park:






When I expressed "some little interest"in his vehicles, we came to a mutually beneficial arrangement", that being we received two nights free B&B and I tuned the Daf 44, 46 and Kalmar! Saturday, in glorious sunshine, was spent swapping carburettors, cleaning jets, checking timing and replacing points & condensers and tomorrow will be spent adjusting belts-a perfect, if completely unplanned weekend! My current wife's struck up a friendship with the the owner's wife and spent the day in Durham, shopping. All in all, a winning weekend for al!   


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18 hours ago, High Jetter said:

Result! Confussed, as thought of the Devon Seaton, and Daf has Brighton reg. Maybe we need a directory of shite-friendly accomodations?

Sorry, my typo-it's Murton, near SEAHAM. I should add that all four of us popped into the local pub for a "few jars" yesterday evening and I must confess I could not understand the barmaid, her accent was SOOO strong! Another local had to "interpret" for me! This is real County Durham; lots of disused old mines everywhere and I was told that the final scenes of "Get Carter" were filmed on the coast very near to here-WOW! 

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