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Lazy spotters thread


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On 8/7/2022 at 7:40 PM, 500tops said:

A few from today's Mount Edgcumbe show..................


An interesting selection of Japanese stuff there, particularly this Toyota. Always a bit of a rarity here, I think there is at least one other saloon in the UK and there used to be a coupe:

1971-ish Toyota Corona Mark II 1900 Coupe c. 1995/96

Last saloon I recall seeing was in a scrapyard back in the mid-late '90s:

1971 Toyota Corona 1900 Mark II EYH 725J (1996)


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I was travelling with work last week, I was very impressed to see these two next  to me on the ferry to Belfast:

I stopped for breakfast in the dock and was lucky that I left the cafe at just the right time to see these coming past with about six additional similar age Austin’s, it was a fantastic sight but unfortunately I could not get my phone out quick enough to take a picture as I had a coffee in one hand and my truck keys in the other.

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I’m just back from a holiday in Turkey. Temperature was brain meltingly hot so didn’t often venture away from the swimming pool but I did manage to spot the following:



Tofas Sahin - there were a lot of these - based on the Fiat 131 and made in Turkey



Renault torus - a turkish built renault 12. 


Our hotel featured a beach party one night and the mobile stage used was set up on this old truck.

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