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Lazy spotters thread


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7 hours ago, Wilko220 said:

Not every day you spot a 125P in the Homebase car park!  Reckon there must be single figures of these left in the UK now. Minty as well. 

Yes, I did get so excited that I put my finger over the lens...






OMF3G7!!! I've died and gone to heaven! A REAL proper FSO; right hand drive, not a personal import and in good condition! Oh, and I'm loving that "70s orange"

Thanks for sharing! 

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There was an OAP polishing convention at the local Moss this morning when I was picking up some shizzle from Toolstation, so I wandered over for a look. 20220528_113002.thumb.jpg.8456b0ae0ac7a365b823ef825c6dade9.jpg



The far end was the most interesting by far. 


However that all pales into insignificance compared to my drive down to Shipley just now. 

As I pulled out of a junction, I saw something boxier than normal out of the corner of my eye. 

I looked in my rear view mirror, is that a Suzuki SJ? No, dont think it is, what is it? 



I do believe it is. Apologies for the shite photo and I know I shouldn't be using my phone when driving but it was a fucking Rickman Ranger. 

Imagine if I'd crashed? 

"How did the accident happen?" 

"I was using my phone" 

"Thats illegal son, you're for it" 

"But there was a Rickman Ranger behind me" 

"I mean, that maybe would be pretty incredible but come on, no there wasn't" 

"There was really... heres a ph.." 

"Don't lie to me son, In the back of the car, I'm also arresting you under suspicion of driving under the influence" 

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